Why should I use blow molding to produce a carrying case?

Carrying cases come in various sizes and forms. When you have a specific case design in mind, the best option is to use the blow molding process.

What is the blow molding process?

It is the inflation of a hot, thermoplastic preform placed inside the machine where the shape of the said preform will take that of the mold cavity. You can mold any case, bottle, container, or whatever it is you want or need.

What are the advantages of using blow molding to produce a carrying case that you need?

1.    It is not time-consuming. In this generation where time is the greatest resource, blow molding will help you have a carrying case that you need in no time at all. It can produce blow mold products whatever volume you need.

From one case to a dozen or more, you will need less than a day to have your products ready, especially when it is just a repeat order only.

This means that there is a preform or parison (a molten plastic) available already. Those are all that is needed to reproduce the objects.

2.    Its products are sturdy and long lasting. You can trust the process of plastic blow molding to make carrying cases or other objects strong and durable. These objects are usually recyclable.

Although a soft drink plastic bottle (which actually triggered the popularity of plastic blow molding worldwide) is not to be re-used as a container of water or other liquid after its content is consumed, you can use it for other things such as a piggy bank, a pot, a pen holder, or a house décor.

In the same manner, these carrying cases can also be recycled to hold other items when needed.

3.    It is affordable. As the tools and die are low cost, the finished products will not be expensive, as well.

The price per case can vary according to:

a.    Size
b.    Complexity of shape and design
c.    Materials used
d.    Number of items needed
e.    Delivery time (whether rush or not)
f.    New item or repeat order
g.    Delivery charges

4.    Product revisions can be quickly done.

In the event that there is something you need to change in the shape and design of the case, there is no need for you to panic or stress. Alterations can easily be applied. You can add or remove some parts. When the revisions are made to the preform, then the process of reproduction will require the same number of hours as before.

5.    Creativity is not hindered. Plastic blow molding is designed to accommodate even complex or irregular shapes of the case or the object being molded.

6.    It is safe. You can entrust your laptop or other important gadgets to the case, and you do not worry if the case can remain intact. In almost all plastic blow molding finished products, the stress crack resistance is excellent. This means that you do not expect it to break during transportation or storage.

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