Why Choose Extrusion Blow Molding for Plastic Containers?

Billions of plastic containers are produced each year using extrusion blow molding. Industries such as food service, pharmaceuticals, and the automotive industry all make use of blow molded containers. Among the reasons that blow molding plastic containers has become so widespread are the low production costs and the versatility in the finished products.

What Goes Into Producing Custom Blow Molded Containers?

Custom blow molded containers can be produced in a diverse array of finishes, shapes, and structural designs that set a product apart and give it a competitive edge. In addition to the aesthetic values, blow molding can ensure that your container functions exactly as it was intended to. Blow molding allows more variation in wall thickness within a single part. Using a process called parison programming does this. This process allows the machine to vary the mandrel/die gap during extrusion and create varied wall thickness. This means that your product will bend or remain rigid, as it should.

Extrusion Blow Molding Mold Manufacturing

Molds for extrusion blow molding can be manufactured from less expensive materials than those for processes such as injection molding because the pressures required by EBM are significantly lower. Western Case is able to pass this cost reduction on to the customer and put custom blow molded containers within the grasp of even a medium to small company.

Limitations to Blow Molding Plastic Containers

While blow molding plastic containers offers more design capabilities than some other processes, there are some fundamental limitations. These limitations may change slightly depending on the materials being used, but most are fairly standard. When deciding on a design, it is wise to steer clear of sharp corners and sections that extend out too far because the parison may become too thin in those areas. Overly large, flat surfaces may also become an issue as they can be prone to warping.

In a world where time is money, having your product when you need it can make or break a business. When it comes to durable products, fast and efficient manufacturing, and budget friendly production costs, custom blow molded containers can keep you ahead of the competition.

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