What Products Are Made with Blow Molding?

Blow Molded Traffic Safety Cones and Products

If you’re looking for the finest manufacturer of blow molded products for automotive and industrial parts, look no further than Western Case. Their experienced and friendly staff has exceeded customer’s expectations and ensuring their satisfaction for over 38 years.

Blow Molded Products Manufactured with Extrusion Molding

Their automotive ducts are custom made and designed to meet each customer’s expectations and specifications. Some of the HVAC Ducts may also come with IP, console, and headliner.

They also have a wide variety of blow molded traffic safety products. This includes drums, barricades and, of course, various types of traffic cones.

They also offer comfortable seating for sporting events, plays, and other types of cultural events.

They also manufacture various types of reservoirs and septic tanks. These particular types of products typically come in singles but can also be mass-produced if there is a need for a large number of these products.

Every Day Household Blow Molded Products

They also provide coolers to help you keep your food cold for whatever event you may be hosting.

They manufacture fans which help to keep your home cool during those summer nights and toys and sporting equipment for all your athletic needs.

In addition to carrying water cans, household products, wheels and carrying cases, they also offer an option where customers can have the products they order produced, assembled and delivered to them all in one place.

Western Case’s Blow Molded Production Lines

They’re open almost all the time as they operate 24 hours a day on every single day except Sunday. Additionally, they serve customers in numerous different countries throughout the world including all of North America, Europe, and Asia.

As manufacturers, all of their blow molded products are designed to be of the utmost quality. These are some of the products they use throughout the manufacturing process.

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