What Products are Created with Blow Molded Plastics?

Blow Molded Plastics Products for Every Day

Blow Molded Products Make Life Better

What are blow molded plastics? Many of us have likely not often heard the term much less know what it means. However, without knowing it, we all use blow molded products every day in our life. Many of these products make our lives simpler and easier daily. Everything from water coolers to play structures for children are manufactured using this method.


Blow molded products can be made into nearly any shape so with producing items like chairs or parts for furniture, there is a great advantage in using this process. Many ergonomically designed pieces are manufactured using this method.

Play Equipment

Another example where blow molding is widely used is in the production of play structures for children. The plastic slides attached to children’s playground equipment are produced this way.

Other Products

And it does not stop there. There are many products made using the blow molding process.
There are countless items on today’s market that simply could not exist without blow molded parts contributing to the structure and workings of the product.

There are also many other items out there that simply work better or more efficiently thanks to the advent of today’s blow molding process. Some other items produced by blow molding are plastic wheels, toys, trash cans, signs, storage containers, fuel tanks, kitchen items, exercise accessories, gardening tools, automotive ducts, hospital beds and trays.

Many medical devices are produced this way. The list goes on and on with literally too many products to mention. Our lives would be at a vast disadvantage if it were not for the ability to mass produce with blow molding.

Many of these items must have strength and durability. Blow molded plastics provide these qualities and so much more. Most items can be designed to have an exact shape, and size. They can also be produced in a variety of different colors, textures and styles.

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