What Kind of Products are Produced by Blow Molding?

Products Produced By Blow Molding Stadium Seating

According to the latest data, nearly 50% of all manufactured products coming out of Europe and the US utilize plastic and plastic packaging. Current trends also show that the market for design and development of plastic packaging is becoming more competitive. It’s no secret that convenience and attractive market-friendly design are what moves products off store shelves.

Most consumers use blow-molded plastic products in their daily lives, usually without even knowing it. It’s important to note that this proven cost-effective method is used to manufacture everything from drink coolers to children’s playsets.

Here are just a few of the many products that commonly manufactured with the blow mold process:

Yard Toys Blow Molded Products Western CaseYard Toys and Home Playground Sets

Virtually all plastic-based products in this category are manufactured with the blow molding process. This includes components such as the plastic slides that are attached to playground sets, as well as other components.

Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Blow molded plastic products can be made in virtually any shape or formation. This capability makes it easy and cost-effective to design various furniture products. These include chairs, tables and even various parts and components for furniture made with other materials. Ergonomically-designed furniture products are being manufactured by blow molding companies at a rapidly increasing rate.


Car Parts Blow Molded Products Western CaseMany Other Types of Products

In virtually every industry and product category, there are products being manufactured with blow mold. Today’s consumer product marketplace simply wouldn’t be what it is today without products and components being manufactured by this proven process.

Some other types of items and products include plastic wheels for tools and carriers of all types, novelties, trash containers, signage, storage boxes/crates, liquid tanks for use on various equipment, kitchenware, fitness products, garden accessories, and medical products.




Western Case – A Blow Mold Manufacturing Leader Committed To Quality!

Western Case is also an industry leader in custom blow molded products manufacturing of various parts and components for industrial use, as well as cases and containers. Our success is due to the professionalism of our highly-experienced staff and dedicated management. Our production facilities run three shifts daily around the clock, up to six days a week.

Our customer base goes beyond our borders and extends to Canada, Mexico the European Union and various points of Asia.

Just a few of our product markets:

  • Traffic Cones and Barricades
  • Chairs and Seating (Stadium)
  • Automotive Products (Ducts)
  • Tanks and Reservoirs
  • Water and Ice Coolers
  • Doors and Panels
  • Toys
  • Sports Products

Contact Western Case for any sub-component assembly needs. We specialize in serving customers who want production, product assembly, and packaging from a single source.

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