Western Case Shares Steps To Product Design For Custom Blow Molding

Riverside, CA – Western Case, custom plastic product manufacturers, has an in-house design department to create product designs for customers. Through their years of experience, Western Case has designed plastic products including coolers, toys, sporting goods, wheels, containers, chairs, automotive parts, and safety equipment. To manufacture high quality products, customers need to start with the customer’s expectations of quality.

Western Case has experience in many product markets as blow molding manufacturers.

These include:

  • Automotive Ducts
  • Traffic Safety Products
  • Stadium Seating and Chairs
  • Containers, Trays, Reservoirs, and Tanks
  • Coolers
  • Fan Housings
  • Floats, Stands, Panels, and Doors
  • Toys and Sporting Goods
  • Watering Cans and Household Products
  • Wheels

If the plastic product is new, and does not currently have a mold, then there are steps to create a high-quality mold. Western Case offers expert blow molding design and engineering support.

Here’s what goes into creating a high-quality mold:

  1. Solid Works CAD Platform – Western Case works extensively in creating complex shapes and surface modeling.
  2. Create a single or multiple cavity mold. The molds are machined and created with aluminum for low production unit cost.
  3. Surfaces are created to be complex and non-flat parting line.
  4. Molds are designed and built to perform at a high quality for a long time.
  5. Each mold is attended to with detail to produce a perfect part during the first run.
  6. A wide variety of texture surfaces are available, from sandblast to course texturing.
  7. Rapid prototyping is available when needed for assistance in product design.

Since businesses require a steady production of products and services to be sustainable, a prototype must be designed, tested, and analyzed before being brought to the market.

There are four factors that must be considered before bringing the idea to the market:

  1. Assemble the prototype. The mold must be created to manufacture the prototype. Western Case has made this process to be cost effective.
  2. Focus on high quality. A company can have both speed of product creation and high quality. Western Case offers both with our manufacturing lines.
  3. Affordable design costs. The cost of the materials is a critical factor to keep costs down and produce a high quality product. Western Case has our customers covered with cost effective materials and line runs.
  4. Control quality. Having consistent products manufactured is critical in customer satisfaction. At Western Case, we commit to meeting our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost in manufacturing products. We develop a checklist for our QA staff to ensure consistency in each production run.

To request a free quote for custom blow molding manufacturing, visit Western Case at www.WesternCase.com.