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Western Case’s blow molded products are recognized as the leader in the design, production and manufacturing of high-quality blow-molded products. There are five key reasons why blow molded products has become the number one resource for plastic product production and considered one of the most reliable blow mold manufacturers in the blow mold industry.

1. Extrusion Blow Molding One Stop Shopping

Customers don’t have to deal with numerous vendors to satisfy their plastic product production needs because blow molded products serves as a one-stop shopping resource, with everything under one roof at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Riverside. The experts at blow molded products are involved from start to finish in the in-house design and manufacture of any plastic product you may need, all displaying the highest standards of quality and able to meet your budget.

2. Versatile Blow Molding

We pride ourselves on being versatile enough to transform any design into a quality finished product that meets your expectations. We can handle even the more demanding jobs that other blow mold manufacturers can’t or won’t accommodate, such as products with irregular parting lines or double walls. Custom products are never a problem for us, whether in long or short runs.

3. Product and Mold Design Engineering Services

Our team of engineers are very adept at listening to exactly what the customer wants and needs, especially when it comes to blow molded cases. We handle the entire process from start to finish, never wavering from the attention to detail that has become a signature of the blow molded products brand. We use the most advanced computer-assisted design (CAD) programs to ensure a product with the highest quality at the lowest price.

4. Mold Making Capabilities

Because blow molded products has been in business for decades, we have developed a variety of hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic devices that can expertly mold even the most hard-to-form areas, building molds from computer assisted machines (CAM) for detail and accuracy. Using a three-shift mold making process enables each of our projects to be cost efficient, even when the given lead time is short.

5. Flexibility and Customization

We don’t sell you the product we think you should have, we design and build your mold to create the plastic product you envision and want. Whether we use your existing tooling or start at ground zero in the design and engineering process, the result is always the highest quality product, delivered on-time and at the most reasonable price.

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