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Western Case Blow Molding Manufacturers Riverside CaliforniaWant to know the best California blow molding company?

The process of bringing a new product to market can be very tricky, especially after conceptualization. Western Case can help you move past the concept and idea stage, all the way to production. We have the experience to assist you through design, solid modeling, prototype creation, mold manufacturing, and readying the project for production.

Our innovative background in packaging and industry trends ranges to include a variety of custom blow molded products, such as those below, and our leadership and experience will help us collaborate with you until we’ve reached an end product that lives up to all of your expectations.

Best California blow molding products we create:

1. Automotive Ducts

The blow molding customization process can be used for automotive vehicles and customized down to every detail of the manufacturer’s specifications. HVAC ducts are easily customizable to include SWD ducts, headliner, floor, seating, console, even IP.

Blow Molded Automotive Parts Production Manufacturers

2. Traffic Safety Products

Blow molding is often used for products that work to redirect traffic or stop it from changing lanes when necessary, keeping the public safe. These hollow products are often manufactured using the extrusion method; some examples include cones, drums, and barricades.

Blow Molding Plastic Traffic Safety Products Manufacturers

3. Chairs and Stadium Seating

Plastic is the most popular material used for stadium seating including bleachers, seats, and chairs in auditoriums, stadiums, and a variety of other gathering areas. Plastic is a durable product, especially when formed with blow molding methods.

Blow Molding Plastic Stadium Seating Products Manufacturers

4. Various Containers

Blow molding methods are put into place for a variety of containers such as reservoirs, tanks, and even trays. The designs are able to be mass-produced to any specification by collaboration with a team of our engineers at Western Case.

Blow Molding Plastic Container Products Manufacturers

5. Coolers

The highly customizable plastic cooler is one of many custom blow molded products that can be made to any dimension with blow molding, and can be produced under guidelines of HDPE standards.

Blow Molding Plastic Wheels Products Manufacturers

6. Wheels

Wheels are customizable to any application such as wagons, wheelbarrows, lawn equipment, and bicycles.

Blow Molding Plastic Watering Can Manufacturers

7. Household Products

Blow molding can be used in a wide range of household products, such as watering cans, in any color and specification.

8. Sporting Goods and Toys

Hard plastic manufacturing makes children’s toys durable, such as bicycles, sporting goods, and play spaces.

9. Fan Housings

Fan housings can be classified as either standard retail for the home or used as industrial supply fans; either way, the hard plastic makes the housing durable and long-lasting.

10. Industrial Applications

Floats, Doors, Panels, and Stands are just a few examples of customized blow molded products that are made more durable by using hard plastic.

11. Carrying Cases

One of Western Case’s specialties, carrying cases are manufactured for the purpose of storing, protecting, and presenting necessary items and equipment. Blow molding methods make our cases easily customizable, with in-stock options available as well.

Blow Molding Plastic Carrying Case Manufacturers

Blow molding plastic is an excellent process to bring an idea to life. At Western Case, let us work with you on your concepts. We can provide you with a free sample and a quote, along with expert support, design, and engineering through our own Western Case in-house Design and Engineering Services Team.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of blow molding can help you with every aspect of the process, from material selection, process engineering, quality inspections, to production. Western Case believes that our team can be the one-stop shop for your product, from idea to production.

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