Quality & Precision

What makes us different from other Blow Molding manufacturers?

Western Case manufactures the highest quality plastic blow molding products and services in the industry. All of our quality assurances come from manufacturing programs developed to deliver a high quality product, meeting or exceeding our customers’ criteria. We strive to provide customer satisfaction by first documenting the measurable and critical product characteristics needed for the blow molding process and product, for both aesthetics and functionality. Next, we develop a checklist for our QA personnel to measure and record information at the desired frequency throughout the production run.

Western Case is one of the leading blow molding manufacturers, committed to meet our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through practicing on-going continuous improvement, lean manufacturing fundamentals, expert design, engineering and mold making, while maintaining a high-level of customer service and interaction.

Best Blow Molding Manufacturing Processes

Over 40 Years of Experience Counts

Trust our experience for the best product application


Manufacturing high quality products starts with making high quality molds.  Once the blow molded part is fully designed and customer approved, the mold is designed and constructed to Western Case’s specifications.  We use several leading mold and tooling USA manufacturers who have worked with us for over the years to produce molds and tooling of the highest quality.

  • CAD file evaluations: Solidworks, Rhino, Alias, Autocad.
  • Single or multiple cavity machined aluminum molds for low production unit cost.
  • Complex, non-flat parting line surfaces.
  • High-quality molds are designed and built to perform well, and  for a long time.
  • Attention to detail on every mold to produce a beautiful part, the first time.
  • Large array of texture surfaces from sandblast to course mold texturing.
  • Speed design with utilization of rapid prototyping.

Lean & JIT Manufacturing

Just in Time delivery saves overhead costs

At Western Case, we strive to create simple and repeatable blow molding product manufacturing processes by identifying best practices everywhere possible.

We believe that standardized blow molding production work procedures bring consistency and better quality to our processes. In addition, as processes are properly balanced, best practices are established and documented and can become the basis for continuous improvement.


Continuous Improvement

Delivering value to the customer

The foundation of the Western Case Production System (WPS) is based on continuous improvement. One component of improving our blow molding product manufacturing processes is the elimination of all forms of waste, or muda.

Muda, is anything that does not add value for the customer, including incidental work – Waste learning and Identification is part of an overall WPS Lean Training associates receive at our facility. The WPS training includes an introduction to lean manufacturing, understanding and eliminating the seven wastes, continuous flow, cell design, standardized work poka-yoke, kaizen and other lean principles.

We believe that standardized blow molding production work procedures bring consistency and better quality to our processes. In addition, as processes are properly balanced, best practices are established and documented and can become the basis for continuous improvement.


Our Capabilities

Largest Capacity Blow Molding machine in the Western USA

Bigger capacity means larger & efficient delivery

Western Case has capabilities as manufacturers to produce parts and products which weigh from less than .5 lb up to well over 30 lbs. With our recent addition of 6 single and multiple head blow molders, we can produce multiple parts per production cycle.  This enables us to realize efficient use of time, labor and material, leading to low-cost production of your product.

Blow Molding Machines

  • 35lb Dual-head Cincinnati Accumulator Head [LARGEST IN THE WESTERN USA]
  • 30 lb Sterling – Accumulator Head
  • 20 lb Dual-head Sterling – Accumulator Head
  • 15 lb Sterling – Accumulator Head
  • 15 lb Hartig – Accumulator Head
  • 10 lb Hartig – Accumulator Head
  • Twin 12 lb Impco – Accumulator Head
  • Triple 6 lb Hartig – Accumulator Head
  • (5) AirForm – Continuous Extrusion Machines

Other Blow Molding Equipment

  • 3 – 90,000 lb. Silos for resin storage, 270,000 lb. resin capacity.
  • 20,000 lb. Forklift – for inserting large, heavy molds into our blow molders.
  • 5-Axis Router – to trim parts and make precision cuts, holes and routes.
  • (6) automatic material/color blenders.
  • Resin dryer for projects requiring engineered resins.


35lb Dual-head Cincinnati Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machine.

Computer Controled Color Matching

Same color today, tomorrow, and the next year-
one train car load at a time.

Blow molding means that when you order another run, you should never have to worry about matching year over year. Western Case has invested in our McGuire digital color mixing system. No guessing or variations.

Three silos: no waiting.

Our capacity for raw material means that we are able to dictate and negotiate prices better than the competition. This means more competitive pricing on your product and consistent production with zero issues or delays.



Final Assembly

Produce your item and get it assembled in our shop to your specifications. We can offset your labor costs by keeping the process in one location.

Crating & Palletization

Once assembled we can pallet and crate your products for shipment to your distribution center, drop-ship destination or warehouse.

Project Management

We assign you a project manager for timely updates and logistic suggestions. Be confident that your parts will arrive on time, every time.
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