Protect Your Products on the Road with a Custom Carrying Case

Western Case Design Custom Plastic Equipment Cases

If your business requires moving tools from one place to another, especially those that can be fragile or heavy, you should take a moment to look into blow molded cases to protect your equipment.

Some industry tools perfect for customized blow molded cases include:

  • Photography Equipment
  • Trade Kits (Beading, Sewing, Embroidery, etc.)
  • Expensive Construction Tools (diamond drill bits, blades, etc.)
  • Medical Supplies
  • Sample Kits for Salesmen/women
  • Electronic Equipment & Instruments

Since your equipment is often what is behind your business, I’m sure that you understand how important it is to keep these items safe. They can be extremely expensive to replace, but much of this unfortunate loss can be prevented with high quality blow molded cases.

I’m sure you understand how setting up a perfect first impression can be essential to making the sale when presenting your goods or services. If you’re transporting items used for presentations by hand, air, or ground transport, keep them safe in customized plastic carrying cases with no rough edges, and easy opening and closing clasps.

When looking into the perfect way to pack and transport frequently used items make sure that the container doesn’t snag material or scratch the skin. If the container doesn’t close well, you risk damaging the product inside by smashing or producing unnecessary pressure.

The plastic equipment cases should have the option of opening flat or open at 180 degrees to ensure when the items are removed from their container they are in one whole piece as intended.

Design Custom Plastic Equipment Cases

These personalized plastic equipment cases can be easily designed by the in-house design team from concept to final product. Plastic isn’t the only material you’re limited to. There are many other concepts that can be produced with some research and out-of-the-box thinking, especially for items with an odd structure.

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