Protect Equipment With Blow Molded Carrying Cases

Western Case Blow Molded Equipment Carrying Cases

Manufactured using top quality plastic, blow molded cases provides invincible product protection with the specification of a double walled carrying case design. Blow molded cases are lightweight, yet heavy duty, cases used to protect instruments gear, medical products, and sensitive equipment.

Why Use Heavy Duty Blow Molded Cases?

Blow molded cases are produced with a high-grade plastic, and, as the name implies, they are created using a blow molding procedure. Western Case uses an extrusion blow molding process. With over 38 years of experience, we have simplified the manufacturing process to ensure short lead times and top-quality products.

Cases by Western Case are blow molded and designed to protect, protected, transport, arrange, Western Case Blow Molded In-Stock Carrying Casesstore or display your products or gear. Plastic blow molded cases are designed to accommodate irregular shapes and protect equipment. Plastic blow molded cases are utilized for many applications, including sample kit cases, gear, equipment and tools.

How Blow Molded Cases Protect Equipment

Blow molded cases are durable, reusable, versatile, and affordable. Having a blow molded case can ensure a fit instead of your equipment squeezing into a tight case or worrying about the equipment moving during transportation. Our custom blow molded cases can be customized with the foam interior designed to the equipment’s specifications for a precise fit. These cases protect the most delicate instrumentation, audio/visual gear, medical products, and OEM products.

Our cases also have the following features:

  • Double walled construction
  • Unbreakable latches that are patented
  • Mechanical hinges we’ve patented
  • Area on the lid for a label
  • Rugged handles that withstand transportation and travel
  • Grain texture to ensure non-slip

Whether that you need to carry, ship, organize or protect your merchandise, blow molded cases are the economical option. Our cases are manufactured by extrusion blow molding and our transportation cases’ product is available through requesting a sample of our in-stock carrying cases.

About Western Case

Western Case Blow Molding Manufacturing Company

Situated in state-of-the-art facilities in Riverside, CA, Western Case established a global reputation for high quality, dependable production.

Our involvement in the design and production of blow molded carrying cases and custom blow molded products is an advantage for your project. Western Case has been one of the primary custom blow molding producers of blow molded plastic and solutions carrying cases from the U.S. We service customers with results globally in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

A quick and reasonably priced custom package can be provided by simply calling 877-593-2182 to find out more about our blow molded plastic carrying cases.

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