How to Measure an Equipment Carrying Case and Understand ATA Specifications

Western Case Blow Molded Equipment Cases

Using a carrying case is an excellent answer for protecting, organizing, and presenting the equipment that you carry day to day. Western case has blow molded carrying cases in a wide variety of stock solutions or custom options. You will surely be able to find endless possibilities for your specific set of needs, from sales demos, the introduction of new products, and efficiency for save travel, storage, and protection.

Solutions for Blow Molded Carrying Cases

Western Case Blow Molding Carrying Case Manufacturing

Blow molding carrying cases may have many customizable options, but the process in which they are made is uniform – ensuring that each one is produced with a high level of safety. In production, the hard plastics are created when plastic is blown through a metal mold, creating a seamless look. The plastic, when hardened, is water-resistant and durable against temperature fluctuations and a variety of dangerous substances.

Measurements of Carrying Cases

western case blow molding equipment carrying case

When you are shopping for carrying cases, you may realize that the measurements are shorthand. To help with this, visualize the carrying case lying flat and closed, with the hinge on the side opposite you. The measurements then are left-to-right (long side, looking down), front-to-back (short side, looking down), and top-to-bottom to make up L x W x H. Top to bottom is also broken down into the “lid,” H1, or “base,” H2.

ATA Specifications for Blow Molded Carrying Cases

The ATA 300 class that most blow molding carrying cases fall into is that of transport containers; in this class, there are three categories. The first two are for containers that are reusable and the third is for disposable. All transport containers must meet certain guidelines. Temperature extremes are required to fall between -40 degrees and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Buckles and straps are forbidden, and any hardware or fasteners must be recessed or flushed. Handles or anything in the grip capacity must also be flush or recessed with the case. Carrying containers are also required to meet requirements for vibration, shock absorption, drop tests, and water spray resistance.

It is difficult to understand ATA Specifications; however, most of our Western Case carrying containers meet these specs and are further advantageous because of their thermoplastic and hard polymer makeup.

To understand which specifications best fit for your needs may be, see a representative for a quote and to discuss the many customizable options that can improve your day to day tasks.

Western Case plastic carrying case are manufactured and sold in a wide variety, for both the storage and shipping of equipment. Sensitive instruments are easily protected in Western Case containers, and have been used for military, fire and rescue, and police equipment, and come in a variety of sizes.

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