How to enter a custom blow molded project at Western Case

For new products, please consult with Western Case early in your product design process. Even if you have an existing product, and are considering transferring the tooling to Western Case for production, we would like to discuss the process with you.

Western Case provides complete product design services through our in-house Design and Engineering Services team.    We offer expert design and engineering support to ensure that our customers receive the best part design for manufacturing and end use functionality.   We apply our extensive knowledge of blow molded product design, material selection, process engineering, quality assurance, and production into every custom blow molded product application.

To get started, please contact us. You can call us by phone at 951-214-6380, email us at, or complete the contact form on our website: Here is a high level overview of the process:

–      Initially, we will determine where you stand in your product design process. Do you have a product that has already been produced? Do you have your own industrial design resources, or do you use an outside design agency? It is important that the designers you work with have experience with blow molding. We will advise you of any characteristics unique to blow molding that need to be considered during the design process.
–      If your product is an industrial component part, such as a section of automotive duct work, we need to understand the final dimensions and other criteria so that the molded part will fit correctly in an assembly. All molded parts shrink as the part cools, so the part design must compensate when the product will become part of an assembly.
–      The product is detailed with our Solid Works CAD system. The resulting drawings will be used to produce the mold that will create the product.
–      Multiple-cavity molds can reduce part cost if quantities warrant.
–      Once the design is complete, we have a mold produced from machined aluminum. We work closely with several leading mold and tooling manufacturers who have worked with us for over the years to produce molds and tooling of the highest quality.
–      When the mold is complete it is shipped to our Riverside, California facility where we mount into the appropriate blow molding machine and produce a series of samples. These samples are used to confirm “real world” fit and function, and examples will be sent to the customer for their evaluation and approval.
–      Any adjustments to the mold indicated by the evaluation of the samples are performed.
–      If the product is to have an external texture, as we typically provide on our cases, the mold is sent out for the surface etching process.
–      We are now ready for production!

We look forward to working with you on your next custom blow molded product.

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