How Blow Molding Plastic Containers Are Made

Blow Molding Plastic Products
When a person purchases something that is in a plastic container, there is no thought regarding what is involved in producing this outside covering. This can include such things as plastic soda bottles, food and individual containers. This product not only enables the preservation of food items, but also provides protection for various package contents.

Methods of Plastic Container Construction

  • Injection Blow Molding has three stages. Plastic is poured into a mold, compressed air is used to form it to the mold and a third stage ejects the container.
  • Injection Molding is when plastic is injected into a mold with air pressure is applied to form the product.
  • Extrusion Blow Molding can be used for any product and is especially efficient when used for multiple productions. As with Injection Molding, plastic is put under air pressure to form the end result. Lightweight and low cost make this a popular method.
  • Stretch Blow Molding is commonly used for stiff containers such as used for carbonated beverages. It involves stretching the plastic as it forms.
  • Co-Extrusion is a method that is new in the production of plastic products. It is used for bottles and containers requiring hot contents. This method consists of several layers of a variety of plastic resins.

Blow molding is especially popular as it is possible to produce a high number of three-dimensional products, which are produced quickly and efficiently. The only disadvantage is the use of polymer, which is listed as harmful to the environment.

Correct disposal of plastic containers can also be a problem, as they will last for hundreds of years if simply dumped in the ground. Fortunately, there are now many hundreds of disposal sites available that makes it possible to re-cycle all types of plastic containers. This is especially important with blow molded products.

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