Customers Depend on Western Case

Brewcraft USA

Home-brewers rejoice with a better way to produce their beverage

Peoples Choice Award award (Antec) announcement at SPE`s Annual Blow Molding Conference.
Brewcraft USA was searching for a company that they could trust to deliver to their quantity specifications. Western Case was there to help advise and suggest new ways to control inventory and JIT management logistics.
Western Case Inc. was involved early on regarding the design, engineering and product development for the BrewCraft 6-gallon carboy that is used in home brewing of beer.

Western Case Services:

  • Design and Engineering Consultation
  • Material specification & fabrication
  • Engineering development
  • Inventory services and logistics
  • See the 6.5 Gallon Genesis™ Fermenter at

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Toyota Motor Corporation

Auto ducts and tight tolerances in record time.

Western Case knows the automotive industry requires fast turnarounds and very tight tolerances. Toyota Motor Corporation found what they were looking for from Western Case. Toyota was impressed by our quality control methodology and commitment to exacting standards in blow molding. So many key elements in Toyota vehicles are never seen by the consumer- but - are integral to the vehicles operation. Western Case delivers everything you expect from a partner and goes beyond to make sure you get more from logistics to customer service.

Western Case Services:

  • Tooling and mold making
  • Material specification
  • Product testing
  • Final finish
  • Container pack and pallet pack

Makita Tool Corporation

Logistics savings make domestic production the winner!

Manufacturing high quality products starts with making high quality molds.  Makita Tool USA division looks to Western Case to product service kits and tool kit cases as part of their JIT production. Western Case is able to color match and deliver varying quantities without the headaches of production overseas and waiting on delivery.

Western Case Services:
  • Tooling and moldmaking
  • Variable order quantities over long periods.
  • Brand standards and manufacturing QC
  • Crating and last mile delivery.
  • Makita brand texture and surface design.

Spa Step Corporation

Turnkey service for the spa maker saves time and money.

Seeking to offset costs in the supply chain?  Western Case can provide services from molding, to assembly, boxing, pallet stacking, container loading and last mile delivery. Western Case partners with companies that want to keep overhead costs low and speed to market high.

Western Case Services:

  • Tooling and mold making
  • Short-run color changes
  • Assembly and packout
  • Palletization, crating and last mile delivery
  • Your step to great sales with Western Case.

  • Produce, assemble..

  • ..pack and palletize in-house.

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