Carrying Cases to Protect and Display Equipment Tip Sheet

Riverside, CA – Carrying cases serve three purposes for sensitive and valuable equipment. Hard cases protect, organize, and present equipment. Carrying cases are used in transporting equipment when traveling and at trade shows when equipment is on display. Western Case is one of the leading manufacturers of in-stock, semi-custom, and custom hard plastic carrying cases. Here’s a few tips on how cases can protect, display, and organize equipment.

Protect Equipment

When traveling with sensitive equipment, including radio equipment, wireless networking gear, instrumentation, scientific equipment, tools and products, it’s important to choose a case with a hard-plastic exterior. Heavy duty blow molded cases are manufactured with a high-grade plastic, which makes their exterior up to the rigors of travel.

When choosing a blow molded case, it’s important to know the critical factors that make a durable, reusable, versatile, and even affordable case for protecting equipment. The most important features we use in each of our cases include:

  • Double walled construction
  • Unbreakable latches that we patented
  • Mechanical hinges we’ve also patented
  • An area of on lid to place a label
  • Rugged handles that withstand transportation and travel
  • Grainy exterior texture to ensure non-slip
  • Variety of sizes, or custom blow molded cases, to fit the equipment’s specific size requirements

Organize and Present Equipment

When presenting equipment to potential buyers and manufacturers, it’s important to organize it inside the case. Displaying the equipment in the case can boost sales. Having a case that is set up for display can not only protect the equipment or product being displayed, but also make the entire presentation look professional.

Our semi-custom and custom plastic carrying cases come with a variety of features to create the right display case, including:

  • Molded lids and base interiors for literature pockets
  • Panel doors
  • Acrylic windows
  • Variety of exterior color options
  • Custom logo plate with molded, raised lettering
  • Fully customizable features and sizes
  • Integral handles
  • Rolling cases

The main aspect of a case that provides organization is customizable foam inserts. The custom foam interior options of our blow molded cases can be designed with a variety of sizes, materials, densities, and colors. We also have dividers and removable trays for further organization of equipment and products.

Having a semi-custom or custom hard plastic carrying case with foam interior protects equipment and products against a potentially disastrous travel situation. The foam keeps the equipment from moving during shipment and provides peace of mind.

Western Case also offers blow molded cases that are specific to other case styles and types. We offer size specifications for Pelican cases, SKB cases, aluminum, soft or sewn canvas, shipping cases, rackmounts, military specifications, tradeshow display, wheeled, and waterproof cases. Each of these cases can be specific to a product or application, depending on the requirement.

We’re happy to discuss carrying case specifications and requirements for any project. We welcome phone calls at 877-593-2182 or contact us at

About Western Case:

For over 35 years, Western Case, Inc. has been a leading custom blow-molder, and manufacturer of blow molded plastic carrying cases in the U.S. From our Southern California based manufacturing facility, Western Case has produced millions of blow molded cases and custom blow-molded products, servicing customers in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Our broad experience in the design and manufacture of blow molded plastic carrying cases, and custom blow molded products will be an asset to you at any stage of your project. Whether your project is in the concept stage, or if you already have your products developed… our design, engineering, production, and marketing staff is ready to work with you.

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