Blow Molded Carry Cases

In-Stock Plastic Carrying Cases

100% American Made

Choose from one of the largest in-stock plastic carrying case inventories in the industry. With over 50 case sizes to choose from, we can ship in-stock cases for immediate delivery.

If you prefer, send us your parts, and we will turnkey your case packaging project with custom foam inserts, cut to your product dimensions for a perfect part fit


  • Over 50 Case Sizes to Choose From
  • Black Color
  • Double Walled Construction
  • Patented Unbreakable Latches
  • Patented Mechanical Hinges
  • Label Recess Area on Lid
  • Grain Texture
  • Rugged Handles

LEGEND: R: Rounded Corner Style | F: Full Double Wall Base| N: No Handle | OH: Outside Integral Handle | I: Inset Integral Handle | M: Metal Latches | M/P: Metal or Plastic Latches | T: Top Carry Handle

6.5"-8" CASE

Length Width Depth
6.50 4.50 2.00 NF
8.00 5.50 2.50 N
8.00 5.50 3.00 N

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9.5" CASE

Length Width Depth
9.50 6.50 2.00 N
9.50 6.50 2.50 N
9.50 6.50 3.00
9.50 6.50 3.50

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10" CASE

Length Width Depth
10.00 7.50 2.75 H/N
R10.00 7.50 2.75 N
R10.00 7.50 3.75

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11.5"-12" CASE

Length Width Depth
R11.50 9.50 2.50 NF/F
12.00 8.00 3.50
12.00 8.00 4.80

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13.5" CASE

Length Width Depth
R13.50 9.00 3.25
R13.50 9.00 4.38
R13.50 9.00 5.50

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13.5" - 14" CASE

Length Width Depth
13.50 10.00 3.75
R13.50 10.00 3.75
R13.50 10.00 4.70
13.50 10.00 5.50
R13.50 10.00 5.50
R14.00 9.50 4.63
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15" CASE

Length Width Depth
15.00 5.00 2.50
15.00 8.00 5.50
15.00 10.00 7.75
15.00 11.00 5.50
15.00 12.00 3.75 F
15.00 12.00 6.12
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17" CASE

Length Width Depth
17.00 12.00 3.50
17.00 12.00 4.50
17.00 12.00 5.50
R17.00 12.40 5.75

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18"-19" CASE

Length Width Depth
18.00 10.00 3.00 F
18.00 14.00 5.50 I
R18.50 14.60 6.75
19.00 6.00 5.50
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19" Radius CASE

Length Width Depth
R19.00 14.00 4.75
R19.00 14.00 6.00
R19.00 14.00 7.30

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19" x 15" CASE

Length Width Depth
19.00 15.00 6.00 P/M
19.00 15.00 7.00 P
19.00 15.50 7.10 F
19.00 15.00 8.00 M
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20" & 23" CASE

Length Width Depth
20.00 16.00 9.00 P/M
23.00 14.00 7.50 M

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27" CASE

Length Width Depth
27.50 16.00 7.00 OH
27.50 16.00 8.50 OH
27.50 16.00 10.00 OH
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28" & 33" CASE

Length Width Depth
28.00 6.00 3.50 NF
33.50 8.00 3.75 F

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Semi Custom Plastic Carrying Cases

100% American Made

Using one of our standard blow molding plastic carrying case sizes, we’ll design custom interiors to attractively display your equipment, tools, or parts and hold them securely in place during transport & storage. We will also customize the exterior of your blow molding semi-custom plastic carrying cases to create a distinctive package sure to establish your product’s identity.

Western Case adds value to your blow molding plastic carrying case packaging with color molded raised lettering. Minimum quantities may apply.

Contact Western Case For Semi-Custom Blow Molding Plastic Carrying Cases

Contact Western Case to see your case engineering from concept to production. We are premier manufacturers of semi-custom plastic carrying cases using extrusion blow molding processes. Fast turnaround and short lead times. American Made.

Call us for a detailed quote: 877-593-2182.

Molded Interior Options

  • Molded Lid & Base Interior
  • Panel Doors
  • Molded Lid – Literature Pockets
  • Acrylic Windows

Molded Exterior Options

  • Choose your color
  • Custom Logo Plate
  • Molded Raised Lettering
  • Full Custom Lid Cavity Plate
  • Stacking Feature
  • Removable Lid
  • Integral Handle

Need a custom foam interior option?

FOAM INTERIOR OPTIONS: Security, Flexibility, Function

After selecting one of our case sizes, let Western Case design your foam interior. Choose from a variety of types, materials, densities, and colors.
Western Case not only manufactures in-stock and custom blow molding plastic carrying cases, but also the form inserts to fit your product. We ensure your case fits the needs of your tool or equipment to keep it protected. Call 877-593-2182 to find out more information.

Foam Materials

  • Polyurethane
  • Polyethylene
  • Mini-Cell Polyethylene
  • Pink Anti-Static
  • Black Conductive
  • PSA Adhesive Backed

Other Materials

  • Red / Black – Sheet Plastic
  • Yellow / Black – Sheet Plastic
  • Corrugated Plastic – Dividers
  • Removable Trays

Foam Types

  • Plain Pads
  • Die-Cut
  • Convoluted
  • Pinch & Tear

Custom Plastic Carrying Case Manufacturing

Quality Delivered.

For higher volumes and special applications outside of our current carrying case sizes, we also offer custom manufacturing of blow molding plastic carrying cases.

We offer complete blow molding engineering, tooling, and manufacturing services to create exactly what you need.

Custom Blow Molding Plastic Carrying Case Leader

Over 40 years experience and proven history in the blow molding industry, we help you produce the cases and products you need. Contact us for a quote by calling 877-593-2182.

Have an issue with how to package that product or device? Let us help you to create and manufacture a solution.

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  • Medical device cases
  • Tool accessory cases
  • Crime scene kits
  • Measuring equipment cases
  • Photography cases
  • Field equipment cases
  • Integrated functions, pass -through panels and more!

Western Case Markets Served

The Leader in Traffic Safety Products

Cones, Delineators, Barricades & Drums

Created for road and construction safety these delineators and cones come in color approved sizes for best visibility. Blow molded for durability and long use. Western Case produces many of the road delineators in the USA and ships worldwide.
We produce NTSB level road cones and lane deliniators for traffic safety teams and road crews. Consistent color and finish for driver safety and crew safety in critical applications. Have a unique road condition? We can develop road safety cones and pylons to get you there.

Medical Devices & Labware

Supplying the medical industry with durable blow molded products

Western Case not only produces medical device cases- we also can produce labware and medical products for hospitals and facilities. Our process can yield clean room level durable goods for research, development, and surgical facilities.

Food & Beverage

Supplying the food and beverage industries with PET and LDPE containers under budget and on time.

Western Case produces food and beverage containers - we also can produce custom LDPE and PE containers for food production and manufacturing. We provide products for brewers, breweries, beverage producers and dairy products. Our process can yield clean room level durable goods for food manufacturing, food processing,food service and beverage suppliers.

Automotive Parts

Vital parts make lean automotive manufacturing possible

Western Case serves major US automotive manufacturers and heavy equipment suppliers with ducts, vents, containers, and protective sleeves blow molded to exacting standards. Short lead times and JIT processes we deliver parts without disruption to the manufacturing process.

Household Goods

Garden, kitchen, bath & living room- blow molded products make a house a home

Western Case produces many of the unique household items that you use every day. We work with your brand or design team to manufacture to your specifications and evaluate inventory and delivery logistics to best fit your needs and save you transportation costs.

Toys & Sporting Goods

Enjoyment and activity go better with blow molded products produced by Western Case

Hard plastic products are used for toys and sporting goods, including tricycles and wheels, and other quality made items that are created for furniture, play spaces, and more.

Stadium Seating & Chairs

Cheer your team from seating & chairs that are tough

Plastic seats are the perfect comfortable seating for viewers in stadiums, auditoriums, and for stand-alone seating. Blow molded manufacturing for stadium seating are durable.
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