Blow Molded Cases are Cost Effective & Durable

Blow Molded Cases Using Extrusion MoldingIf you are looking for a strong, durable, and cost effective carrying case solution, look no farther than blow molded cases. Instead of injection molded plastics, blow molded cases use a different process that blows special thermoplastics into a metal mold. Because the process and materials are different, blow molded products are superior in functionality while being cheaper in price than many other options for custom made carrying cases.

Durable, Quality Carrying Cases

Because they are made of a special kind of high density polyurethane, they are completely resistant to rust, will resist many chemicals, have good electrical resistance, are shatter resistant, and are less effected by temperature changes. Additionally, they can be fitted with custom foam inserts to add additional layers of protection to the contents of the case. The blow molding process and materials are so durable, that they are used by the military and other agencies to carry sensitive or valuable products. They are also excellent for storage of valuables that need protection from the elements.

Custom Cases

Looking for a truly custom case? A one hundred percent custom case can be made from a 3D CAD file, or one can be made from your imagination, exactly to your specifications. A custom experience, with any level of pre-planning, is easy and possible. 

Large Quantity in a Quick Turnaround

Looking for large quantities? Blow molding can make quantities as large as, or even exceeding, the millions of pieces easy and affordable. Discussing the expected quantities upfront in the consulting process will allow for the most cost-effective plan to get to your desired quantity.

Custom Plastic Parts

Need parts? It is possible to blow mold specific replacement parts to provide replacements, or to supplement existing equipment. in this case, it is preferable to have a readymade 3D model of the part ready for the consulting phase, but product development assistance is available free of cost.

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