Top Reasons to use Blow Molded Car Parts

Blow Molded Car Parts and containers at one facility, Western Case continues to be the leader in the automotive OEM industry. Specializing in custom single and double wall blow molding, this company is capable of transforming your blueprint into durable and high-quality products.

Advantages to Working with Western Case for Blow Molded Plastic Containers

Our flexible and large variety of product choices allows us to offer custom long or short projects Blow Molded Car Parts. All of our team members pay meticulous attention to details, from the beginning concept to the completed Blow Molded Car Parts and blow molding plastic containers. We are able to focus on quality because all of the processes take place at our facility. We eliminate the middleman and provide our customers the fastest turnaround in this industry. We strive to provide exceptional customer service.

Custom Blow Molded Parts: we are the Company of Choice

We have become the custom blow molding manufacturer of choice for many looking for quality products. We have the capabilities to work with your existing blow molding plastic container molds or we can continue with a concept that you still have in the development phase. Our company features an extensive line-up of equipment that enables us to manufacture a large variety of containers and bottles for consumer, industrial, or medical applications. We do have the capability to produce single or multi-cavity molding applications.

Our Blow Molded Parts retain their resin colors. These colors can range from translucent, crystal clear, to opaque, depending on your companies’ specific needs. The walls of our manufactured OEM car parts are made to be extremely thin, however, if your job specifies thicker walls, we have the capability to meet that product’s specifications.
Our company can offer maximum productivity and efficiency, precise controlling, and precision cycle-to cycle control.

Contact Us for Standard and Custom Blow Molded Parts

Contact Western Case at 877-593-2182 or email us at to find out more information about how we help you with blow molding.

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