Blow Molded Automotive Parts Are a Smart Way To Go

The transportation market has been changing quite a bit, and blow-molded plastic parts are becoming important for several reasons. For one thing, blow-molding services costs less and the process of creating parts with it is much cheaper than other manufacturing processes, like thermoforming or rotational molds. Blow molded automotive parts are more durable and less expensive to make.

The Benefits of Using Blow Molding for Automotive Parts

Blow molding produces parts with greater impact and structural integrity. It is ideal for all types of pipes and vent ducts, because it can handle almost any detail of geometry and automatically fills any voids between components. Parts made in this manner for the transport industry are used in most modern vehicles, such as step entry plates, handles, gas tanks, vent hoses, and other OEM parts.

Experience Counts

Western Case are specialists in custom made blow molded HVAC duct parts and full assemblies. Western has long experience with tooling, engineering design, and production of HVAC ducts. Blow molding saves them time in production and the materials are less expensive, as well. They have produced the following components:

  • Headliner Ducts
  • IP Ducts
  • Floor Ducts
  • Seating Ducts
  • Console Ducts
  • SWD Ducts

Western Case is a company that manufactures air intake parts with blow molding. These components include the following:

  • Clean Air Ducts & Assemblies
  • Resonators & Tuners
  • Injection Molded Cuffs, Bellows, and Ports
  • DEF Tanks

DEF or Urea systems are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce diesel exhaust fumes. Actually, these systems also increase fuel economy, so truck manufacturers welcome them.