Best Custom Blow Molding Production

Western Case Blow Molding Production Best Practices

Best Custom Blow Molding is alive and well in California.
It’s our mission here at Western Case to create simple, repeatable manufacturing processes for our blow molding production by finding and applying the best practices possible.

A Custom Blow Molding Production Company Based on Constant Improvement

Western Case’s production systems are key to our foundation, based upon the ability to constantly improve. One way we have improved our blow molding production processes has been to get rid of waste of all kinds, or muda.

The definition of muda is essentially anything which doesn’t have any additional value to our clients, which includes incidental work. We have training specifically for waste identification to ensure employees know what is waste and what isn’t, and how to eliminate it properly. This training includes a lean manufacturing introduction, continuous flow, standard poka-yoke systems, understanding and effectively eliminating all seven wastes, kaizen, and cell design as well as other principles of lean manufacturing.

The 6-S Principle

Our employees are trained in the basics of lean manufacturing, known collectively as the 6-S system. We frequently ensure our employees understand and apply all of the 6-S principles correctly.

The 6-S principles are as follows:

Sort – Remove all unnecessary parts, tools, and supplies from the area.
Set in Order – Keep everything in its proper place.
Shine – Clean up the work area as the job is done.
Standardize – Consistent application of the cleaning and identification methods.
Sustain – Continually improve upon the habit and practices of 6-S.
Safety – Keeping all work areas free and clear of any hazards or dangers.

Our blow molding production has a high capacity, fast lead turnaround time.

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