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Benefits of Blow Molded Plastic Cases with Western Case

Want to know the benefits of blow-molded plastic cases? Over the years, plastics have become such an essential part of our life. At Western Case, we produce and offer different industries with high-quality blow-molded plastic products.

Construction of Our Blow-Molded Plastics

Western Case has offered customers over 30 years of experience from design, mold making, to production and shipping. Our in-house Design & Engineering team provides support for your project to receive the best part design. We create high quality molds and, once approved, we run a prototype model to determine the right material, quality assurance and production.

Benefits of Blow-Molded Products with Western Case

Using the extrusion blow molding production method, we provide several advantages to our products that other methods can’t.

Here’s a few benefits of using extrusion blow molding for your project:

  • Blow molding turnaround time is quick
  • Production costs are reduced with the time saved
  • Our high-quality production results in cases that last
  • We offer many cases in stock for fast shipping
  • We run lines for global product production

The Designs of Blow-Molded Plastic Equipment Cases

We produce products on a large scale to meet our client’s needs. Also, we involve our clients in the concept and assist them in every step towards fulfillment.

Before the end-result of a custom blow-molded product, we also take part in tooling design and planning a complex mold. As a result, your plastic products bear the features that match your anticipated needs.