Advantages of Extrusion Over Injection Blow Molded Cases

Western Case Extrusion Blow Molded Carrying Cases

When it comes to manufacturing processes, different materials are used to produce custom cases for expensive, sensitive equipment. One of the more popular methods of manufacturing strong cases is blow molding. Injection Blow Molded Cases molding produces carrying cases for multiple everyday items.

  • Laptop computer cases
  • Power tools
  • Guns
  • Medical devices
  • Camera lens cases

The types of cases you can create, have a wide range. Requesting custom design cases for any need is a universal practice.

Advantages of Extrusion Over Injection Blow Molding

Blow molding has many benefits compared to injection molding. The advantages of blow molding make it very attractive to businesses.

Some of the competitive edges of blow molded plastic carrying cases compared to other processes are the following:

  • The process of blow molding is quick compared to other manufacturing methods.
  • The time saved in its efficiency helps bring down production cost.
    If treated with care, blow Injection Blow Molded Cases cases can last a lifetime.
  • Custom foam inserts can repurpose blow molded carrying cases.
  • Generally, in-stock blow molded cases will generally match standard sizes for most equipment, unless there is a unique size or customization.

The Benefit of Blow Molded Cases

During rapid impact tests, blow molded cases tend to outperform metal. Outperforming metal in an impact test means, they are less likely to dent and break. Compared to injection molding, blow molding costs less.

Affordable Protection

Blow molded cases are affordable. It is because of their design as a single piece, they are much stronger than other cases. It’s possible to build them with a double wall construction, which adds even more protection.


The types of customizations you can do with blow molded plastic carrying cases are infinite. The freedom of blow molding allows for creativity, implementation of intricate details, and the creation of unique shapes.

We at Western Case have the ability and tools to create any case you need. Contact us for a quote about your need. We are ready to build it for you.

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