3 Kinds of Blow Molded Carrying Cases

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At Western Case, we are proud to have one of the largest in-stock blow molded carrying cases in the industry. We have over 50 sizes to choose from and are able to get in stock cases shipped out to you immediately.

They are:

1. Stock Cases
2. Semi-Custom Cases
3. Custom Cases 

In-Stock Cases

If you want to choose from our in-stock cases, they are in stock and ready for immediate shipping. These cases are black with blank recessed label inserts and have an open interior design. This design allows you to use the case as is, or with the foam inserts. Some of the features of our stock cases include: double walled construction, patented unbreakable latches, patented mechanical hinges, label recess area on lid, grain texture and rugged handles. We also offer the stock cases in over 50 different sizes.

Semi-Custom Cases

If you want to choose from our Semi-Custom cases, we are able to use our existing mold exteriors to design you a mold core free of charge. This option allows our customers to have mold interiors that will be a custom fit to their components. Semi-Custom molds have the option of custom colors, engraved logos, literature slots, windows and snap fits.

Custom Cases

Our custom cases are our specialty at Western Case. Our team of expert engineers will design a custom case around your specific components. This design will ensure that we meet your needed specifications. By choosing a custom case, it will provide you with a greater opportunity to boost your product sales and establish total product identity.

Contact us today and our team of experts at Western Case will help you pick out the case that is right for you!

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