2 Types of Custom Hard Plastic Rolling Carrying Cases

Western Case Hard Plastic Carrying Cases

From rugged military formed custom plastic carrying cases to economical blow-molded plastic in-stock cases, Western Case offers a wide variety. They manufacture and distribute top of the line carrying cases and endeavor to produce the best custom foam products as well.

In-Stock Plastic Carrying Cases

Custom Blow Molding Carrying Cases In-Stock

Most case sizes we carry in-stock and are ready for shipment. If a case isn’t in stock currently, our quick turnaround times are available for manufacturing a semi-custom or custom plastic carrying case.

Standard Rolling Cases: Durable Cases with Border Casters

Rugged Hard Plastic Blow Molding Carrying Cases

High-Quality Cases That Roll for Shipping, Transport and Travel

Western Case supplies many distinct sizes, shapes and types of rolling cases. We manufacture cases that are types with corner wheels and a drag or pull-up handle. Hard rolling cases afford an extreme level of convenience of use.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving your toolkit by car or shipping your gear on an aircraft a rolling system of high-quality is essential for those of you on the move. Each case we market has a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Durable Storm Rolling Cases

Rolling Case That’s is Protective for Large and Heavy Equipment 

Our storm cases are built from high-performance plastic and filled with features. They are tough, waterproof, and airtight to transport your most sensitive equipment. Such cases have tubular pull grips. Western Case offers a free sample of our carrying cases and quote.

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