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Western Case Shares The Variety of Products Created with Blow Molding

Riverside, CA – Blow molding manufacturer, Western Case, shares the variety of products and markets that benefit from plastic product manufacturing from the design to delivery. The California-based company has manufactured products for over 40 years, servicing customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

With an experienced team in conceptualization and design, Western Case assists customers with the prototype of their product and readying it for production. Western Case manufactures products that match the specifications the client presents and specifications of leading suppliers in the industry, Pelican and SKB to name two.

The products Western Case creates using blow molding include:

Automotive Ducts

The blow molding customization process can be used for automotive vehicles and customized down to every detail of the manufacturer’s specifications. HVAC ducts are easily customizable to include SWD ducts, headliner, floor, seating, console, even IP.

Traffic Safety Products

Blow molding is often used for products that work to redirect traffic or stop it from changing lanes when necessary, keeping the public safe. These hollow products are often manufactured using the extrusion blow molding method; some examples include cones, drums, and barricades.

Chairs and Stadium Seating

Plastic is the most popular material used for stadium seating including bleachers, seats, and chairs in auditoriums, stadiums, and a variety of other gathering areas. Plastic is a durable product, especially when formed with blow molding methods.

Various Containers

Blow molding methods are put into place for a variety of containers such as reservoirs, tanks, and even trays. The designs can be mass produced to any specification by collaboration with a team of our engineers at Western Case.

In addition, Western Case also manufactures:

  • Coolers
  • Wheels
  • Household Products
  • Sporting Goods and Toys
  • Fan Housings
  • Industrial Applications
  • Carrying Cases

Western Case has extensive experience and knowledge manufacturing blow molding products. We can help with every aspect of the process, from material selection, process engineering, quality inspections, to production. Western Case believes that our team can be the one-stop shop for your product, from idea to production. Call us at 1-877-593-2182 or visit www.WesternCase.com to request a quote.

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