The Top 6 Advantages to Using Blow Mold Plastics Production

Advantages to using Blow mold plastics production is a process that takes plastic and turns it into hollow items using an extruder and a mold. The result of this process has certain benefits that include environmental resistance, gas and vapor barriers, resistances against impact, clarity or color, and the ability to be printed on.

Advantages to Using Blow Mold Plastics

There are many Advantages to Using Blow Mold Plastics Production, the first of which is the fact that it helps to lower the overall costs of molds. This is because those much lower pressures are used for production. Another benefit is that blow molding carries with it much lower machinery costs if you look at the costs in terms of each unit weight of materials that end up being processed with the machines.

Another advantage to using blow molding plastic production is the fact that threads can be molded externally on the bottles, adding to the way the bottle is shaped. Additionally, large open ends can be created if needed by choosing asymmetrical mold that can be evenly split open.

Depending on the geometry of the mold and the size of the parison used, we can determine the outside dimensions of each mold for a customizable fit. You can also control the thickness of the walls and manage the weight very specifically with a customized design.

II. Blow molding has major advantages.

1. A revolution form of technology.

Blow molding seems to have revolutionized the industrial sector by allowing companies to use it widely to meet consumers’ needs for plasticware. This plastic production method brought about a lot of production perks like quick manufacturing and high volume outputs.

2. It can produce variable products.

Currently, most plastic containers on the market holding some forms of liquid have gone through this process. In fact, its commonness has allowed engineers to try and create many applications and designs which resulted to multiple interesting uses. Just to mention a few, the products created using this technology are fuel tanks, seat support for vehicles, flower pots and toy wheels.

3. Low cost.

Extrusion blow molding uses a lower level of pressure. This means that machinery costs are low. It will become easier and more cost-efficient to mold external threads or open-ended and large parts which can be split by opening a closed molding. Besides that, you can reduce labor costs by using this technology.

4. It allows multiple production methods.

As we already implied, blow molding plastic production uses different methods to create final products. The extrusion method works like traditional glass blowing. Materials are blown through a long tube to work on the end which can create products. As for the injection method, it is employed to produce receptacles in huge quantities. Instead of being blown through by air, melted polymers are injected into the blow mold. This technology keeps on developing to improve these production methods, it uses tweaks in design and moves towards pure automation.

5. It helps promote productivity.

This technology always moves forward with the purpose of becoming universally used with plastic production. It has allowed a significant increase in production capabilities then manufacturers can produce greater quantities in just a short period of time. Using machines that allow 3D moldings has fastened a production cycle.

6. Blow molding offers benefits of automation.

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It was taken to greater heights when the automated production machines from Japan were developed and gave the rise to 3D blow molding. Essentially, this is an automated production method allowing minimal flash (excess polymer) around the material, seamless part incorporation, and increasing production speed thanks to the precise receptacle it creates.

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