The Multiple Benefits of High Performance Plastic

Automotive Blow Mold Plastic Parts

Why Use Plastic?

Today’s high performance plastics can be found in use everywhere, including the automotive industry. Replacing metal with plastic reduces overall weight of a vehicle and that equals fuel efficiency. Fuel economy isn’t the only reason blow mold plastic parts are so common these days.

Two more uses the auto industry has for high performance plastics include:

  • Plastic doesn’t corrode like metal cans.
  • Plastic allows for design flexibility and simplifies integration of components.

What Processes Are Used To Mold Plastic?

Extrusion blow molding is one of several ways used to mold plastic to the shape needed for its function. Extrusion blow molding is the process used for making all of the plastic bottles our world couldn’t do without and is also commonly used to produce plastics such as PVC. Three more ways plastic is molded for today’s needs are:

  • Injection – ideal for producing large numbers of the same part such as toys, lids, containers, or even medical instruments to name just a few.
  • Simple Extrusion – another method that allows for large numbers of the same item to be produced. This is where plastic window frames, pipes, and fittings come from.
  • Rotational Molding – otherwise known as “roto-molding.” This process is used in the manufacture of road signs, storage tanks, roofing material, and even some airplane parts. In general, any place the lightweight of plastic can be used to be advantageous.

What Use Is “Old” Plastic To Anyone?

One of the best things about plastic is it retains its value. Don’t forget, when you’ve finished with something made of plastic, this extremely recyclable substance still has its uses. Earth conscious people aren’t the only ones who believe in the benefits of recycling these days. Most of us keep a bin for used plastics, and when it’s full, we don’t take it to the dump, we take it to a recycling center.

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