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Making Crucial Blow Molding Manufacturing Decisions

When you are trying to make the crucial decision for blow molding manufacturers, be sure to pick one that offers a successful and proven project delivery and outcomes.

Western Case, Inc., is a performance leader in the blow molding fabrication industry specializing in tailor-made molding extrusion for industrial parts and other blow-mold fabricated products. We owe our outstanding success to our talented and professional manufacturing employees, staff, and managers, who work flawlessly together and bring our vision to fruition each day. From this wealth of fabrication experience, we provide our current and future clients with guidance on multiple extrusion blow molding projects on a regular basis.

The Process of Extrusion Plastic Blow Molding

Blow molding production companies may implement extrusion blow molding services, the manufacturing process that they use renders hollow plastic forms that have thin walls that can be used to contain other materials. This hollow formed plastic product is called blow molded plastics.

Typical Products Formed from Extrusion Blow Molding

Typical types of products that are formed using this method are items such as milk jugs, water bottles, cosmetics bottles, and many other plastic containers. Large plastic storage boxes and large plastic storage tanks can be fabricated using the extrusion blowing method.

What are the steps to create an Extruded Blow Molded product?

After a mold negative is designed and created with the exact specs of the final molded product is made, a small tube injector called a parison is made and sealed on one tip. The parison is placed on the top edge of the closed mold, and compressed air is then blown into the open tip of the parison and the air pressure forces the tube to expand and conform to the shape of the surrounding mold. After the plastic cools and sets, the mold may be opened and the finished product may be removed form the mold.

Advantages of Extrusion Blow Molding

The advantages of extrusion plastic blow molding are numerous. Not only is the process flash free, but also blow molded products can be form or very large or small sizes. As well, the blow molding process is inexpensive, precise, and can help to lower product assembly costs.

How to Have an Effective Blow Molding Product

You should try to employ the best engineers since the planning and design process can be an elaborate multi-step process in order to meet the product requirements.

When the mold design is fully set, then the engineers will collaborate with the finishing team to test for quality assurance. The quality testing process is essential to ensure that the finished product functions as desired and as designed and corresponds well with the design specifications before mass production is started.

Upon certification by the production team and engineers as well as client approval, the order is run on the production line.

The critical element to effective extrusion blow molding is collaboration and a team effort. When all team members bring their best to the design and development table, the end product will fulfill the client and end-user requirements. Teamwork fosters the highest level of quality and quality material produce a final product that you can be proud of.

What Resin is Being Used in Your Blow Molding Project (And Why It’s Important)?

A recent article by Plastics Technology magazine pointed out that the primary focus of many articles is on the latest technological advancement in equipment, materials and tooling, and auxiliary equipment. It is also pointed out that while these things are definitely imperative to the efficiency of blow molding plastic companies, the real determining factor of profitability lies in the efficiency in which you use your resin.

What Resin is Being Used in Your Blow Molding Project?

To put it quite plainly, the real money lies in the resin. Improvements made in labor and energy are always important, but those benefits are relatively small when compared to the savings that are achieved when you optimize your usage of resin. There are a vast number of ways in which you can reduce waste and cut down on resin usage, many of which concern employee training.

Related Costs Associated with Production

To emphasize the material related costs of production, a mock up scenario was laid out. With a four cavity machine producing 35g parts with a 12 second cycle time, resin accounted for 63% of the total cost of manufacturing. Further, when the scrap related costs are calculated into the figure, the material related costs jump to 2/3 of the total expense.

The example given allows that just 4% of the total materials used for the process are scrap and in an actual manufacturing setting the percentage of scrap is quite often higher so the material related costs would jump even further.

Keeping Material Costs Down with Plastic Blow Molding

We at Western Case Inc. know the importance of keeping material costs down. Keeping production costs at a minimum is why we can offer our clients competitive pricing for all of their plastic blow molding needs. Through employee training to keeping up to date with the latest technology and machinery, we strive to keep production costs down while maintaining the high level of quality and expertise that our clients have come to expect.

Plastic Blow Molding’s Roots of Origin

Plastic containers are used for everything today. The process of how plastic containers are created today is known as blow molding and originated in December 1942. The use of plastic bottles has continually increased, but plastic blow molding has stayed fundamentally the same.

Why was Blow Molding First Developed?

Blow molding was first developed to produce celluloid baby rattles, but this turned into the beginning of the plastic bottle industry. From plastic baby rattles, the industry began to manufacture hollow plastic parts and then plastic bottles.

Plastic Blow Molding Rapidly Went High Tech

The technique of blow molding has developed into an extremely high-tech industry that dominates the manufacturing of plastic bottles. The format allows each bottle to be uniform in thickness, and an infinite number of outside body shapes can be produced.

The Basic Process of Plastic Blow Molding

There are four methods of blow molding that are commonly used in the plastic industry: Injection, Stretch, Extrusion and Reheating.

  1. The resin used is thermoplastic, and is heated until to a liquefied state.
  2. It is then forced through a die head to form a parison or a hollow tube.
  3. The parison is then dropped into a mold with two halves while it is liquid.
  4. Then the two halves close around it, and the parison is inflated.
  5. As the polyethylene is cooled, it turns from liquid to a solid.
  6. The mold is opened, and a solid, plastic bottle is removed.

Today, blow molding is the most common method of making polyethylene bottles. Plastics are a huge industry, and in the U.S. alone over 40 billion plastic bottles are produced every year.

The Top Benefits of Extrusion Blow Molded Plastics

Extrusion plastic blow molding works by having molten plastic poured into a water-cooled mold. As soon as the molds are closed, air is run into the container, blowing the plastic into the desired shape of the mold. The mold is removed once the plastic has cooled, leaving the desired product.

Advantages to Extrusion Blow Molded Plastics

Although extrusion blow molding is simplistic, it still has major advantages. These benefits include a larger variation of container/neck shapes and sizes. Even handle-ware can be made.

Extrusion blow molds are far less expensive and can be produced significantly quicker. With these types of molds, they altogether have a higher rate of production, low cost of tools, and a variation of machines.

Western Case’s manufacturing facility for plastic blow molding has the ability to turnaround small and large orders for production. Our machinery makes for low cost production and efficiency.

Process of Extrusion Blow Molding

The plastic is first melted down into a liquid state. Once this is done, it is then placed together between two molds. The plastic is then filled with air to make it inflate until it reaches the molds. After it cools, a new mold has been made.

Contact Plastic Blow Molding Company, Western Case

Western Case strives to produce the highest quality plastic blow molding for our customers. With our commitment to high quality and attention to inspecting products, we ensure we meet the requirements needed for your products. Contact Western Case at 877-593-2182 of email us at info@westerncase.com to get a quote.

Why should I use blow molding to produce a carrying case?

Carrying cases come in various sizes and forms. When you have a specific case design in mind, the best option is to use the blow molding process.

What is the blow molding process?

It is the inflation of a hot, thermoplastic preform placed inside the machine where the shape of the said preform will take that of the mold cavity. You can mold any case, bottle, container, or whatever it is you want or need.

What are the advantages of using blow molding to produce a carrying case that you need?

1.    It is not time-consuming. In this generation where time is the greatest resource, blow molding will help you have a carrying case that you need in no time at all. It can produce blow mold products whatever volume you need.

From one case to a dozen or more, you will need less than a day to have your products ready, especially when it is just a repeat order only.

This means that there is a preform or parison (a molten plastic) available already. Those are all that is needed to reproduce the objects.

2.    Its products are sturdy and long lasting. You can trust the process of plastic blow molding to make carrying cases or other objects strong and durable. These objects are usually recyclable.

Although a soft drink plastic bottle (which actually triggered the popularity of plastic blow molding worldwide) is not to be re-used as a container of water or other liquid after its content is consumed, you can use it for other things such as a piggy bank, a pot, a pen holder, or a house décor.

In the same manner, these carrying cases can also be recycled to hold other items when needed.

3.    It is affordable. As the tools and die are low cost, the finished products will not be expensive, as well.

The price per case can vary according to:

a.    Size
b.    Complexity of shape and design
c.    Materials used
d.    Number of items needed
e.    Delivery time (whether rush or not)
f.    New item or repeat order
g.    Delivery charges

4.    Product revisions can be quickly done.

In the event that there is something you need to change in the shape and design of the case, there is no need for you to panic or stress. Alterations can easily be applied. You can add or remove some parts. When the revisions are made to the preform, then the process of reproduction will require the same number of hours as before.

5.    Creativity is not hindered. Plastic blow molding is designed to accommodate even complex or irregular shapes of the case or the object being molded.

6.    It is safe. You can entrust your laptop or other important gadgets to the case, and you do not worry if the case can remain intact. In almost all plastic blow molding finished products, the stress crack resistance is excellent. This means that you do not expect it to break during transportation or storage.

Contact Our Plastic Blow Molding Company to Get Started with Your Project

Have that carrying case in no time at all. Take advantage of the blow molding process. Contact Western Case at 877-593-2182 of email us at info@westerncase.com to find out more information about how we help you with blow molding.

Western Case’s New Blow Molding Facility Is Running Full Steam Ahead

Western Case made the move to a new state-of-the-art facility late last year. The addition of six large, single and multiple head blow molders has increased our production capacity by nearly 2.5 times. The WCI management team is setting new sales targets due to this increase in capacity, and as of quarter two 2014 our custom blow molding production is returning very favorable results.

By moving from a 20,000-square-foot facility to a 58,000-square-foot facility, Western Case has positioned itself to be one of the leading blow molding plastic companies in the country. Western Case’s plastic carrying cases are already one the most respected plastic carrying case lines available in the market. Now, we have ability to take on higher volume custom blow molding and custom plastic carrying case projects.

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