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What Resin is Being Used in Your Blow Molding Project (And Why It’s Important)?

A recent article by Plastics Technology magazine pointed out that the primary focus of many articles is on the latest technological advancement in equipment, materials and tooling, and auxiliary equipment. It is also pointed out that while these things are definitely imperative to the efficiency of blow molding plastic companies, the real determining factor of profitability lies in the efficiency in which you use your resin.

What Resin is Being Used in Your Blow Molding Project?

To put it quite plainly, the real money lies in the resin. Improvements made in labor and energy are always important, but those benefits are relatively small when compared to the savings that are achieved when you optimize your usage of resin. There are a vast number of ways in which you can reduce waste and cut down on resin usage, many of which concern employee training.

Related Costs Associated with Production

To emphasize the material related costs of production, a mock up scenario was laid out. With a four cavity machine producing 35g parts with a 12 second cycle time, resin accounted for 63% of the total cost of manufacturing. Further, when the scrap related costs are calculated into the figure, the material related costs jump to 2/3 of the total expense.

The example given allows that just 4% of the total materials used for the process are scrap and in an actual manufacturing setting the percentage of scrap is quite often higher so the material related costs would jump even further.

Keeping Material Costs Down with Plastic Blow Molding

We at Western Case Inc. know the importance of keeping material costs down. Keeping production costs at a minimum is why we can offer our clients competitive pricing for all of their plastic blow molding needs. Through employee training to keeping up to date with the latest technology and machinery, we strive to keep production costs down while maintaining the high level of quality and expertise that our clients have come to expect.

Extrusion Blow Molding Design & Manufacturing Advantages

In the world of in-house design and engineering, Western Case is able to provide its customers with comprehensive product design. From start to finish, customers can benefit from Western Case’s past experience in both design and engineering. When it comes to blow molded product design, the team at Western Case knows exactly what to do in every step of the product design process.

Blow Molding Design & Manufacturing Considerations

Blow molding, or extrusion blow molding, according to Engineer’s Edge, is the manufacturing process that creates hollow thermoplastics. When done in a split mold cavity, air pressure is applied to a heated plastic material, generally called parisons.

That process causes the material to expand, similar to a balloon. As the material expands, it presses against the walls of the mold cavity, causing the material to take shape. There are many blow molding manufacturers and blow molding plastic companies; it is important to select a company carefully.

Extrusion Blow Molding Advantages:

  • Flash free
  • Sizes ranging from very small to very large
  • Less expensive molds
  • Good dimensional precision
  • Reduced assembly costs

Design Considerations Condensed:

When completing a blow molding project, the wall thickness should always be uniform in order to facilitate the rapid molding cycle time. During these projects, sharp corners should be avoided wherever possible, and the draft angle should always be perpendicular when the mold tool is open in the correct direction. Finally, the thickness of the body wall should never exceed a 2:1 ratio.

Different Blow Molded Solutions and Technology for Companies

There are several kinds of blow molding technology used to produce jars, jugs, and bottles. The typical options include reheat and blow molding, stretch blow molding, injection blow molding, and extrusion blow molding.

Blow Molded Solutions

Extrusion Blow Molding

Extrusion blow molding is the easiest solution. During the production process, a heated tubing material is lowered into an extruder. Then, a water-cooled mold surrounds the plastic material. When the mold closes, oxygen is shot inside of the neck and the top of the housing like a balloon. The mold freezes shortly after the plastic material expands. As a result, the material keeps its unique shape.

Injection Blow Molding

The heated plastic material is injected at the beginning of the production process during injection blow molding projects. The plastic slowly surrounds the blow stem after it is pulled into the cavity. This procedure establishes the weight of the material by creating the neck. At this point, the material travels to another station so that it can be transformed into a finished container. Injection blow molding is typically used when blow molding plastic companies manufacture small containers.

Stretch Blow Molding

Stretch blow molding helps manufacturers produce P.E.T. bottles, which are containers for juice and water. Most manufacturers produce the bottles with advanced machinery called ISBM. This equipment is only used during extremely large projects.

Reheat Blow Molding

Third-party vendors implement reheat and blow molding procedures. Many big businesses purchase the stock and place it inside of low-tech machines. The equipment blows the stock when the material reaches a certain temperature.

Out of all of these techniques, extrusion blow molding is the most cost-effective. Call Western Case at 877-593-2182 to start your project.

What Products Can Be Made from Extrusion Blow Molded Solutions?

Blow molding, a process in manufacturing that we use to create plastics is one of the most interesting manufacturing processes going today. We use it for medical, technical and consumer goods. Heating inflation of a heated plastic tubing that is blown into a mold that is the shape and size that we want does blow molding. The mold is filled with plastic and it conforms to the mold to create the shape.

Producing Blow Molded Solutions

Once the material inside the mold hardens, the two halves of the mold are them taken apart and the product inside the mold is removed. Western Case is among the leaders in blow molding plastic companies. Products that are produced from blow molded solutions probably include many that you use personally on a day to day basis.

What is Usually Made from Extrusion Blow Molding?

Things that are made from blow molding are usually hollow, have thin walls and hold other materials. These products are available to retailers and consumers in a broad array of shapes and colors. Examples of products made by blow molding companies include water bottles, shampoo and bottles for liquid soap.

Bottles for oil and petroleum products, milk containers and even the bottles from which we get the shake and pour pancake mixes. Larger containers are also created in this way. They include the resealable plastic tubs that are used for storing clothing and holiday supplies as well as larger drums and casks, tubs and even giant water storage tanks such as those used in the southwest for holding water in desert homes.

Wide Range of Solutions on the Cutting Edge

Plastics provide a wide range of solutions today to storage problems that range from very small to very large. Western Case is on the cutting edge of the blow molding solutions that are providing answers to storage issues around the country and around the world.

Contact us at 877-593-2182 or email at info@westerncase.com for a quote on your project.

Easily Increase Your Product Sales with Custom Plastic Power Tool Cases

One of the leading blow molding plastic companies, Western Case, offers product designers a wide range of molded hard plastic cases to help store and transport their tools. Cases are durable and will last a long time, giving consumers what they need in order to store and transport tools for many years.

One of the best things about these plastic power tool cases is that they can also store delicate items and, therefore, allow consumers to keep even the most fragile items secure and protected at all times.

Benefits of Custom Multi-Purpose Plastic Power Tool Cases

When getting plastic tool cases from Western Case, know that you will be able to use them for a variety of purposes, including contractor tool cases, electronics cases, mechanics cases and also extra large tool cases. Consumers can also use these cases as tool brief cases, carrying cases and wheeled tool cases. Therefore, any product designers who want a custom multi-purpose tool case for their product will benefit from working with Western Case.

Quality Tool Cases from One of the Leading Custom Blow Molding Plastic Companies

Getting quality tool cases is one of the top priorities of anyone who needs to store and transport tools. With the cases offered by Western Case, our customers have a great variety of options to choose from that meet their needs. With professional-looking tool cases that are durable and customizable with foam inserts to fit your product design, you will have what you need to sell your product. Contact Western Case at 877-593-2182 of email us at info@westerncase.com to get a quote and help with extrusion blow molding.

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