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Blow Molding Manufacturing Consistently Created With Quality Assurance

Plastic Stadium Seating From Blow Molding Manufacturing

Many manufacturers and designers use blow molding for several products in their business. Some of the markets and products that Western Case manufactures products for include: automotive, traffic safety, stadium seating and chairs, coolers, containers, and more products. Western Case is a leading blow molding manufacturer.

Plastic Industry Product Design

Watering Can Containers From Blow Molded Manufacturing

Western Case is ready to get involved at any stage of the production process. We’re available to complete orders from our customers’ specifications, or can make you a custom plastic product. Customers can get elements and designs to assist at any level of production for a product.

Western Case has advanced technology tools to produce a CAD model for high quality mold and prototype design. Our team of professionals are prepared to work with complex designs and can get the job done right during the first line run.

Consistent High-Quality Plastic Products

Quality Assurance From Manufacturing A Plastic Product

Western Case helps you create a one-of-a-kind product with high quality, consistent design and production capabilities. Choose from many different textures including sandblasting and traditional blow molding. Western Case also offers all types of colors, including blow molding for containers and tubing.

Western Case understands that each company will have different industrial needs for their products. Their customers have the option of customizing several different types of products for consistent quality assurance. Western Case offers a guarantee on our blow molding services and can collaborate with you to create a unique design.

You’re invited to visit Western Case for a free no-obligation quote on your blow molding product.

Western Case Blow Molding Company Quotes

Multiple Ways Blow Molding Gets Your Product Noticed

Blow Molded Containers Custom ManufacturingBlow molding is a fascinating process that creates bottles and other containers from plastic hollow parts. It involves extruding a tube of hot plastic, or parison, into an open mold, then pinching it closed at the bottom. Air is then blown through the top of the mold, inflating the parison into the mold’s unique shape prior to opening the mold and dropping out the newly formed container.

If you are developing a new product, we can develop a unique container that will get your product noticed, helping you with everything from mold design and selection of resin to detailing the container.

Here are several ways blow molding can help get your product noticed, resulting in increased sales:

Specialty Applications

Blow molding is perfect for creating a container that performs under extreme or stressful conditions or must be tailor-made to perform a particular function.

Product Distinction

Don’t settle for displaying your product in a stock plastic container when we can create custom blow molding containers that best reflect your company’s identity, surpassing your competition in the marketplace. Distinctive container shapes made using high quality materials and featuring custom finishes, have proven time and again to not only draw attention to your product but also build faster brand recognition.

Facilitating Hollow Parts and Complex Shapes

Blow molding is perfect for creating containers with complex shapes or intricate designs. Our skilled blow molding technicians are capable of manipulating plastic in such a precise manner that it results in elaborate and functional creations.

Product Improvement

One of the best ways to improve the performance of your product, even when margins are tight, is to purchase blow molded containers created using production efficiencies that improve your bottom line as well as your sales.

Visual Impact

We offer a variety of options for creating one of a kind custom blow molding containers using resins, pigments, finishes and special effects that add visual appeal to your product, increasing customer awareness and improving exposure.

Before proceeding with a custom blow molding container project, schedule a consultation with our sales team to get your questions answered to your satisfaction.

Western Case Blow Molding Company Quotes

Advantages to Blow Molded Cases and Products

Advantages of Custom Blow Molding Cases & Products
Blow molding is a type of manufacturing method which uses a custom mold to form hollow plastic pieces. The molded plastic forms a vessel which can protect goods while in transit, because it has been shaped to the exact size and shape that the goods will need while in route. There are several advantages to using blow molding, although there are some disadvantages as well.

For Cases


  • Reduces Costs
  • Manufacturers can create more varied and intricate designs


  • Difficult to mold in-holes
  • Cost rises as size increases

For Products


  • Lets companies meet consumer design for variations in plasticware
  • Quick manufacturing time with high volume outputs
  • Permits new designs for everything from fuel tanks to toy wheels
  • Lower pressure during production reduces manufacturing costs
  • Has several methods of production including extrusion and injection. Injection and Injection stretch methods use a preform whereas extrusion melts the plastic into a rounded parison, which is then removed from the furnace, attached to a mold, and compression air is blown to form an exact match.
  • Can be automated
  • Lower machinery and tool costs
  • No wasted material, all leftovers can be reused or recycled

If you have more questions on blow molding advantages, you can give Western Case a call for a consultation, where they will be able to go over everything with you and give more detail on how blow molding can be a great solution for your needs.

Western Case Blow Molding Company Quotes

Manufacturing Blow Molded Products Using Extrusion

Blow Molded Traffic Products Using Extrusion ManufacturingBlow molding is used in the manufacturing process to create products that are used to produce hollow parts that we see everywhere, including septic tanks and eye dropper tools. It is derived from the glass blowing industry. The impressive technique is used in other aspects of blow molding, along with all bottle (i.e. detergent, bleach) and food product containers.

Blow Molding Plastic Products

Most containers contain parts that include polypropylene, LDPE, and LLDPE. This is a high-density thermoplastic that is highly preferred with blow molding. The orange construction cones that we see on the highway were created from our extrusion blow molding technique.

How Does Blow Molding Work

A molded tube of resin is extruded with an annular dye and captured between two molded halves that shape out your desired pattern. The mating surfaces on the mold pinch together creating high pressure air in a captured tube that assists in the shaping process.

An inflating process takes place to conform the inside shape of the mold. Most barricades were once constructed of wood and are now, constructed with very durable plastic that is commonly shaped by the blow molding process. More importantly, plastic barriers are becoming increasingly popular on construction projects around the country.

What Products Are Created Using Blow Molding?

Plastic safety products used by blow molding are used to keep pedestrians safe and control traffic. Thousands of containers each year are produced by blow molding techniques. Conveniently, let traffic know what areas are off limits or prevent your employees from entering a dangerous work zone.

Eco-friendly products have recycled materials that calls for less virgin materials. You can get custom products made on a short or long run basis. Semi-custom blow molded products are also very popular. They provide lightweight, easy to assemble products, and easy to breakdown plastic barriers.

Forming High-Quality Plastic Products Using Blow Molding


Traffic Safety Plastic Blow Molded Products

Plastics are non-metallic compounds, which are produced synthetically. When soft, plastic can be shaped into numerous forms. These shapes can be hardened for commercial purpose. Products for molding plastics are readily available. They include jars, plastic tubes, bottles, kitchen utensils, grips, accessories, cases, and protective caps.

Stages of the polymer-making process

• Polymer production: This phase involves creating polymer in a granule, powder, or sheet form. It may entail mixing of the polymer of the best addictive with other polymers to attain a finished product that has the desired properties.

• Production of thermoplastics: At this stage, the powder, sheet, or granule material obtained from step one is heated until it softens, molding the softened material to the desired shape and eventually cooling it. In other words, this stage involves molding the thermosetting materials to the appropriate form and then heating them to trigger a chemical reaction that speeds up the formation of highly linked polymer from cross-link polymer chains.

The plastic molding process

1. Blow molding

Blow molding helps in creating hollow plastic items. Leveraging compressed air that blows up the tube, forcing it to adapt to the cool mold, forms a molten tube. Blow molded products include tubes, bottles, and containers.

2. Extrusion forming

A broad range of plastic products, ranging from curtain rails, window frames, film, household guttering, to film, can be formed from extruded sections. Extrusion entails the pushing of the liquefied thermoplastic hyper-linked polymer through a die. When forming curtail rail, the extruded material must be cold.

A die offers a cylinder-shaped extruded material and, thus, can aid in the formation of a thin sheet or film. Compressed air is utilized to inflate the hot cylindrical material to attain a tube-shaped sleeve of the thin film. When the material expands, the thickness reduces. It is easier to convert film formed through the extrusion process into bags.

Since plastic molding is an extremely technical process, you will need professional assistance for this kind of manufacturing business to be competitive and profitable. Direct all your questions concerning the plastic-making process to our team and we’re glad to help with your project.

The Top 11 Blow Molded Products

Blow molded products are produced for several markets. At Western Case, we use extrusion blow molding, which extrudes the product through a tube of plastic, called a “parison.” Products can be designed in-house and produced. Blow molding products creates high quality products according to specifications.

Here’s 11 Products Created With Blow Molding:

Blow Molded Automotive Ducts 

  1. Automotive Ducts – Blow molded plastic parts for automotive and transportation vehicles can be custom made to a manufacturer’s specifications. HVAC ducts can be custom made and include headliner, IP, floor, seating, console, and SWD ducts.  

    Blow Molding Traffic Safety Products


  3. Traffic Safety Products – These plastic products are typically hollow and created using the extrusion method for cones, delineators, barricades, and drums. Each of these traffic safety products help to redirect traffic or keep traffic from entering into a different lane. 

    Blow Molded Stadium Seating Manufacturing


  5. Stadium Seating and Chairs – Plastic seats are the perfect comfortable seating for viewers in stadiums, auditoriums, and for stand-alone seating. Blow molded manufacturing for stadium seating are durable.  

    Containers and Tanks Blow Molding Manufacturing


  7. Containers, Trays, Reservoirs, and Tanks – Each of these products are stand-alone designs that can be mass-produced using a specific design or by working with our engineers on a design.

  9. Coolers – The hard plastic coolers are available on retail store shelves and in equipment use. Coolers can be custom made or with dimensions produced by current manufacturer specifications. Coolers can be made according to HDPE standards.

  11. Fan Housings – The housing that surrounds a fan is used for standard retail fans and industrial supply fans and other air mover products. The housing servers to protect the fan motor. With a hard plastic housing, fans are durable and quality made.

  13. Floats, Stands, Panels, and Doors – Each of these products is created using extrusion blow molding. Floats can be used in the marine industry to support floating docks, airplanes, and more.  

    Toys and Sporting Blow Molding Manufacturing


  15. Toys and Sporting Goods – Hard plastic products are used for toys and sporting goods, including tricycles and wheels, and other quality made items that are created for furniture, play spaces, and more.  

    Watering Can Blow Molded Products


  17. Watering Cans and Household Products – Created for all types of products and industries, specifications, and colors, blow molding is used for these products. 

    Plastic Blow Molded Wheels


  19. Wheels – Plastic wheels are used on a variety of items. These can include wheelbarrows, trike bikes, wagons, and more. The hard plastic wheels are durable and quality made.  

    Blow Molding Carrying Cases

  20. Carrying Cases – Cases are produced to house equipment, including tools, medical equipment, scientific, and other industrial equipment. Carrying cases at Western Case include in-stock, semi-custom, and custom cases produced to the customer’s specifications.

    Our staff can provide a quote and free sample for manufacturing projects. Extrusion blow molding meets a customer’s quality expectations throughout the process. Western Case has many customers who want an approach where they only have to go to one place. Our one-stop manufacturing includes production, assembly, and packaging.

Blow Molded Product Benefits of Quality and Flexibility

Blow Molded Products for Safety
Blow molded products have revolutionized the product industry and are needed in the amount of plastic ware currently required. This method enables fast production so companies are able to manufacture many plastic containers. Machinery for the production of plastics has been specifically developed to enable blow moldings with three dimensions. Production is supported through automation and the improvements made in machinery raise production speed even higher.


Blow molding allows everything to be done in one place whether it is a customized product or has single or double walls. The products are flexible and customization is easy. All capabilities are enhanced and it is very useful in the production and design required by services in the engineering field. Both the manufactures and the engineering staffs are able to use teamwork to exceed the needs of their customers. A level of quality is expected and achieved with this process.

Specific Products

Blow molding is used in the manufacturing of many kinds of products, including ducts for the automotive industry, items needed to ensure traffic safety, wheels, many products for the home, the seats for stadiums, toys, coolers, floats, doors and containers.

The Process

Blow molding has a lot of similarities to injection molding except there is a molten tube the plastic comes out of in a liquid form. The mold is designed to close and push the liquid out and conform it into whatever shape is required. Once the liquid has cooled, the forming of the hollow area is accomplished. This is how tubes, numerous types of bottles and a variety of containers are made. If you have a project you want quoted, contact us.

Finding The Right Blow Molding Manufacturer For Your Business

Are you looking for a plastic mold manufacturer to create parts or products for your project? Below are some of the key things you should keep in mind when selecting a plastic manufacturer to create items for your company.

Questions to Ask the Blow Molding Company

The most important thing to consider is whether the manufacturer can meet the needs of your company.

Do they have the resources and manpower to fulfill orders and deliveries on time? Are they a reputable company?

It is very important to select a trustworthy manufacturer who has a proven track record or creating quality products. The last thing you need on your hands is for customers to complain your products were made from poorly constructed materials. Save your self the hassle and choose a reputable company.

Important Considerations – Location and Cost

Another important thing to consider is the location and cost. One company may offer a slightly better product but is much farther away than a local firm. The farther the manufacturer is the more money it will cost to transport the goods to your warehouse or facility.

You should also consider the cost of the product. Sometimes it is best to hire a local firm because you can get the products quickly and affordably than from a more distant firm.

About Western Case

Western Case Inc. is a plastic mold manufacturer that creates custom and blow molded products from plastic. The blow molding process is most famous for producing plastic bottles, containers and jugs. The firm is located in Southern California and has over 35 years of servicing medical, food processing, arms and clothing industries. Let them create the plastic blow molded products such as bottles that you need for your business.

New Report on the Blow Molding Industry

Looking to start a blow molding project? Western Case helps using an extrusion blow molding process to manufacture products in a variety of industries. We recently came across a study that explains an overview on the market for using blow molding.

The report provides how blow molding is used in the packaging industry. Packaging can include bottles, jars, and other end use objects or products. Knowing the latest market trends is helpful for when you are trying to improve an existing blow molded product or innovate to create a new one.

If your project is around end-use items, including drinks, food, and dairy, as well as non-food items, then this report will help you understand the use of blow molding on these products today.

Western Case’s Blow Molding Process

We use an extrusion blow molding process. Our expertise has engineered and manufactured many custom projects that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We’ve had the privilege to work on automotive ducts, stadium seating, fan housings, toys and sporting goods. We take care of all the steps in the process in our warehouse facility in-house.

The Extrusion Blow Molding Process in Plastic Bottle Production

Blow molded products are all around us. From water bottles to carrying cases for power tools, blow molding is a fast, efficient, and inexpensive way to manufacture many of the things we use every day.

Processes to Plastic Bottle Blow Molding

There are four different blow molding processes used to produce plastic containers and bottles: injection blow molding, stretch blow molding, reheat and blow molding, and extrusion blow molding. Of all the processes, the least complicated is perhaps extrusion blow molding. It is also among the most versatile and cost effective ways to produce a vast array of different products.

Extrusion Blow Molding Production

In extrusion blow molding production, a tube of hot plastic called a parison is extruded into a mold that has been water cooled. The mold is then closed and air is blown into the tube to inflate it to the dimensions of the mold. Once the hot plastic hits the cooled mold, it “freezes” and maintains the shape of the mold.

Extrusion blow molding is generally considered to be the most versatile of all the blow molding processes because it allows for a much wider variety of sizes, shapes, handles, and neck openings. Injection blow molding on the other hand, is suitable only for smaller containers with no handle ware involved. Extrusion blow molding products can be produced at a lesser cost in part because the molds are much less expensive to produce and can be made in a much shorter time span.

Blow Molding Products Produced with the Extrusion Process

Western Case Inc. produces a vast array of extrusion blow molded products, from reservoirs and tanks, to toys and sporting goods. Our manufacturing and engineering teamwork closely with each client to assure that their needs are met and even exceeded. Providing quality blow molded products around the world, pride ourselves on placing customer satisfaction at the top of our list of priorities.

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