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The Different Processes of Blow Molding Manufacturing

Blow Mold Plastic Car Parts Manufacturing


Any type of hollow plastic made by blow molding are considered blow molded plastics. Water, milk and juice bottles are all perfect examples of products made with this method used by people every day.

The Benefits of Blow Molding

Blow molding is often used because it is an efficient and simple way to produce hollow parts. The other manufacturing processes are slower and injection molding is a lot more expensive. The parts can be produced with thin walls in many sizes and shapes. Thermoplastic materials are also easy to use with blow molding.

Blow Molding Processes

Extrusion is the easiest way to make blow mold plastic parts. The parison is dropped from the extruder and put into a mold so it can be frozen into the correct shape. An extruder is set up to run continuously and a die head is attached. The result is a parison that has been clamped to a hollow mold. A blow pin is used to apply air pressure to the inside of the plastic. It is then shaped and cooled. Stretch blow molding is when the mold is injected, blown and then ejected. Injection blow molding is used for the creation of smaller containers.

This process involves molten plastic being forced through a die head with a rotating screw. The parison is formed around the blow pin then extruded vertically through the open molds of two halves. The halves then close on the blow pin and parison. This process can manufacture large amounts of parts.

The Finished Plastic Product

Secondary operations are usually required to obtain a finished product. These include heat welding, die cutting, riveting, surface treating, screwing, CNC routing, drilling, sonic, sawing, punching and milling. These steps can all be done economically when the right equipment is used.

The Multiple Benefits of High Performance Plastic

Automotive Blow Mold Plastic Parts

Why Use Plastic?

Today’s high performance plastics can be found in use everywhere, including the automotive industry. Replacing metal with plastic reduces overall weight of a vehicle and that equals fuel efficiency. Fuel economy isn’t the only reason blow mold plastic parts are so common these days.

Two more uses the auto industry has for high performance plastics include:

  • Plastic doesn’t corrode like metal cans.
  • Plastic allows for design flexibility and simplifies integration of components.

What Processes Are Used To Mold Plastic?

Extrusion blow molding is one of several ways used to mold plastic to the shape needed for its function. Extrusion blow molding is the process used for making all of the plastic bottles our world couldn’t do without and is also commonly used to produce plastics such as PVC. Three more ways plastic is molded for today’s needs are:

  • Injection – ideal for producing large numbers of the same part such as toys, lids, containers, or even medical instruments to name just a few.
  • Simple Extrusion – another method that allows for large numbers of the same item to be produced. This is where plastic window frames, pipes, and fittings come from.
  • Rotational Molding – otherwise known as “roto-molding.” This process is used in the manufacture of road signs, storage tanks, roofing material, and even some airplane parts. In general, any place the lightweight of plastic can be used to be advantageous.

What Use Is “Old” Plastic To Anyone?

One of the best things about plastic is it retains its value. Don’t forget, when you’ve finished with something made of plastic, this extremely recyclable substance still has its uses. Earth conscious people aren’t the only ones who believe in the benefits of recycling these days. Most of us keep a bin for used plastics, and when it’s full, we don’t take it to the dump, we take it to a recycling center.

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Why should I use blow molding to produce parts?

Blow molding is a molding process that uses air pressure. Soft plastic molds are inflated to form parts of the case, a container or an automotive part. This technique is quite popular, as there are many advantages in using blow molding.

Blow Molded Automotive Parts

In the automotive industry alone, blow molded automotive parts are the latest trend. Here are three major reasons why you should use blow molding to produce parts of either a custom-made container or an automotive part.

Benefits of Having Blow Mold Plastic Parts Manufactured

1.    It is cost effective. To blow mold plastic parts of any object or vehicular part will not cost you so much.


The tools and die casts are priced lower. Plus, the procedure itself is simple that the skilled manpower is not required.

When one has the preform already, manufacturing the body parts is almost automatic. The machine will do most of the work. Even blow molded automotive parts are affordable.

The price can vary because of the following:

a.    The materials that you will use. The most commonly used is polymer. This material is more expensive compared to other materials such as polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene terephthalate.
b.    The complexity of the design and shape.
c.    The number of pieces that you need. The more of the same part that you order, the cheaper it is.
d.    The time of delivery. Additional charges will apply to rushed jobs.
e.    Location of the delivery. There are certain parts in the country where delivery is free of charge. But, in some remote areas, normal delivery charges will apply.

2.    It is easy to do. Whether it is a blow molded plastic parts of the case or container or blow molded automotive parts of any vehicles, everything is doable. Nothing is complicated with this process. Even complex or irregular shapes can be accommodated. Also, one-piece construction is possible with this process. You do not need to make two separate items and connect the two later.

That is why this is the perfect process to produce parts of any object or any automotive part that you need. When you have the proper measurement and designs, the manufacturing of the product can be completed within several hours. Plus, if there are revisions needed, minor alterations will be done, and the process will resume.

3.    Would you believe that the blow molded plastic parts outperform its metal counterparts in a high-speed impact test? Experiments and results revealed that these blow molded plastic parts survive better than any metal in a given situation where great impact to the finished product might occur.

You can trust your fragile and delicate items to be protected in blow molded carrying cases as these are less prone to breakage and damage during untoward incidences. The ESCR (environmental stress crack resistance) of these items are graded as excellent.

Contact Us for Blow Molded Plastic Parts

Use blow molding to produce parts that you need, today. Doing so will benefit you financially and at the same time, your needs of an object or vehicular parts, will be met with lesser effort, stress, and time.

Contact Western Case at 877-593-2182 of email us at info@westerncase.com to find out more information about how we help you with blow molding.

Western Case’s New Blow Molding Facility Is Running Full Steam Ahead

Western Case made the move to a new state-of-the-art facility late last year. The addition of six large, single and multiple head blow molders has increased our production capacity by nearly 2.5 times. The WCI management team is setting new sales targets due to this increase in capacity, and as of quarter two 2014 our custom blow molding production is returning very favorable results.

By moving from a 20,000-square-foot facility to a 58,000-square-foot facility, Western Case has positioned itself to be one of the leading blow molding plastic companies in the country. Western Case’s plastic carrying cases are already one the most respected plastic carrying case lines available in the market. Now, we have ability to take on higher volume custom blow molding and custom plastic carrying case projects.

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