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Selecting the Right Case Style For Your Equipment

Blow Molded Carrying Cases for Equipment

We provide a wide range of protective cases styles and sizes, together with custom foam inserts. While we specialize in blow molded carrying cases, we have a variety of other cases styles and types available for you to choose from.

A few examples of the cases we offer include:


If you’re looking to protect highly calibrated, expensive or delicate equipment during transport and storage, Pelican cases provide you with an excellent solution. These cases have superior water resistance, overall strength and durability. When combined with custom foam inserts, they can protect any kind of tool or equipment. Pelican cases have a solid reputation in the industry and have been around for more than three decades.


SKB cases are some of the newest waterproof cases you’ll find on the market. They have earned a reputation as a product that delivers a high amount of performance at a competitive price. SKB cases provide a very good level of protection for your equipment, which can be additionally enhanced by adding foam inserts.


If you’re looking for cases that give you an optimal balance of durability, strength and light weight, you should consider aluminum carrying cases. They’re among the lowest-priced products we have to offer and have numerous advantages. They can be fitted with comfortable handles, stacking corners and castors to make them suitable for various applications.

We Have the Carrying Cases You Need

No matter whether you require blow molded carrying cases or any other type of product, we have a solution that will work for you. Get in touch with us today to receive a free quote!

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