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How Custom Foam Inserts Protect Sensitive Equipment

Western Case Custom Foam Inserts Carrying Cases


In today’s marketplace, purchasing photographic or electronic equipment is not only an expense, but it is an investment. You want to protect such an investment. When it comes to transporting your important equipment, one of the best ways is to use a soft, but firm polyurethane foam that’s inserted into a rigid plastic carrying or rolling case.

Manufacturing Custom Foam Inserts

Western Case has an innate knack for creating and producing some of the best custom protective carrying cases with the proper foam inserts to accommodate your equipment transporting needs. We specialize in custom fabrication, paired with our supreme experience of protective package design.

In addition, we have a myriad of pre-made and can customize insert foam along with our plastic carrying cases to help ensure a safe transport for your equipment investment.

What Products Need Custom Foam Inserts

Whether you have medical equipment, military equipment, delicate electronic equipment or specialized tools used for engine builds, our certified engineers are specialized in creating precision inserts and are backed by years of experience.

Western Case is a leading blow molding manufacturer and we can accommodate almost any budget and application. We are an organization that gives custom solutions backed with some of the highest standards in North America.

Contact Western Case for Custom Foam Inserts and Carrying Cases

Western Case is the leading manufacturer of plastic carrying cases and foam inserts and we can accommodate almost any budget and application. Our custom solutions are backed with some of the highest standards in North America. In addition, our one-piece foam inserts are sturdy and strong and give our clients the necessary confidence that they can support and transport equipment in a safe way.

At Western Case we give exceptional value by providing custom plastic carrying case foam inserts, which offer our clients the ability to save cost in the long run and give them unique system solutions for almost any application.

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