How Blow Molded Tool Cases Are Customizable to Fit Your Product

Blow molded cases are plastic shell cases used to protect instruments, medical products, equipment and other fragile items. These durable plastic cases are created to withstand high and low temperatures, be dent-proof, resistant to chemicals, rustproof, and even resistant to scratches. The cases can take a beating while still protecting the items inside.

For additional protection, the enclosed objects are surrounded by a custom foam interior that helps to keep items in order and in place. The interior foam can be customized to fit whatever product will be placed inside. Notably, for large orders, a custom case can be created in an efficient turnaround time at low cost.

Who Uses Blow Molded Tool Cases?

A variety of people use blow molded tool cases to transport or house their items. Industrial companies use blow-molded cases to store industrial equipment. Product designers use cases to display and store tools and products they create. Blow molded cases are robust and easily customized to your business design requirements, including: logo, color and foam insert customization.

Why Have Blow Molded Plastic Tool Cases Manufactured?

These cases are strong and easy to carry. In addition to their durability, the inserted foam interior come in a range of 50 sizes that can be customized. These cases also offer an array of design options that include logos molded in and color selection. The features of the cases are customizable to fit your business and product needs.

Even if you are having a hard time designing and customizing a case to fit your product, Western Case helps you with finding a solution that works for you. Contact Western Case at 877-593-2182 of email us at to get a quote and design the custom plastic tool cases you need to show off your product.