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Gallery of Custom Blow Molded Products

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Western Case is proud to display our blow molded products using extrusion molding techniques to offer a wide variety of mold and manufacturing capabilities. We serve a large base of industries and work with many Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing and delivery of parts and products. See some of our work in the gallery and fill out the form for a custom quote on your product.

A few of our product markets are:

  • Automotive Ducts (add link to section with images below)
  • Traffic Safety – Cones, Delineators, Barricades & Drums (add link to section with images below)
  • Stadium Seating & Chairs (add link to section with images below)
  • Containers, Trays, Reservoirs & Tanks (add link to section with images below)
  • Coolers
  • Fan Housings
  • Floats, Stands, Panels, & Doors
  • Toys & Sporting Goods (add link to section with images below)
  • Watering Cans & Household Products (add link to section with images below)
  • Wheels (add link to section with images below)

Custom Blow Molding Gallery


Custom Blow Molded Automotive Products Manufacturing

Containers, Trays, Reservoirs & Tanks
Custom Blow Molded Container Products ManufacturingCustom Blow Molded Reservoirs & Tanks Manufacturing













Stadium Seating & Chairs

Custom Blow Molded Stadium Seating & Chairs

Toys & Sporting Goods

Custom Blow Molded Toys Product Manufacturing

Traffic Safety – Cones, Delineators, Barricades, & Drums

Custom Blow Molded Traffic Safety Product ManufacturingCustom Blow Molding Traffic Safety Products

Blow Molding Traffic Safety Product ManufacturingCustom Traffic Safety Blow Molding Manufacturing

























Watering Cans & Household Products

Blow Molding Product Manufacturing of Wheels


Blow Molded Watering Can Product Manufacturer

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