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Western Case’s Custom Blow Molding Manufacturing

Western Case Has A Great Track Record in Blow Molded Products:

Custom Blow Molding Manufacturing Western CaseThe process of extrusion blow molding is one where the hollow aspect of plastic material is formed. Western Case makes outstanding use of this process to deliver consistent product quality.


Extensive Range of Blow Molded Product Manufacturing Capabilities


Western Case is known for its extensive range of products as well as its efficient time in filling orders. The expert engineers at Western Case specialize in creating the perfect products for the needs of their customers.


These custom blow molding products are created for a variety of different market uses. The custom blow molding design team at Western Case takes great pride in designing what customers want and need. These custom designs have ranged from sporting goods and toys to coolers and safety equipment.

Highest Quality Standards in Blow Molding Production

Safety Product Blow Molded Products Western CaseWestern Case understands that its customers expect the highest standards of quality and that is what the company consistently delivers.

The product range at Western Case is truly extensive and includes:

  • Products for traffic safety
  • Coolers
  • Fan housings
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys
  • Stadium Seating
  • and much more!


3 Critical Areas Western Case Adheres to in Manufacturing Blow Molding Products:

  • Western Case Blow Molding Manufacturing Product QualityBlow Molding Done While Adhering to Standard Best Practices – At Western Case the commitment is to always follow blow molding best practices for all of the products we manufacture. This is necessary to ensure products that are manufactured to the highest possible standards.
  • Top Quality Blow Mold Design – Western Case is devoted to high-quality blow mold design that is done in a manner that is cost efficient and quick for our customers.
  • Top Notch Service – At Western Case, we are very proud of the quality of our work on our high-quality blow molding products and we are equally proud of our outstanding and consistent customer service.

Contact Western Case to Manufacture Your Blow Molded Product

Contact Western Case for a free sample and quote to start your next blow molding project. Call us at 877-593-2181.

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