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Blow Molded Carrying Case Features and Options for Customization

Blow Molded Carrying Cases Manufacturers

Carrying cases produced through blow-molded production provide a quality case that can protect equipment. In-stock cases with Western Case have over 50 sizes to choose from in stock for delivery. Carrying cases are produced to display tools for retail, for industrial and commercial equipment, and to protect other items through a custom case design.

Features of In-Stock Carrying Cases

Case features for in-stock cases are standard in black color. The construction of the cases is double walled and has grain texture. The patented latches are unbreakable and the hinges are mechanical. The lid area has a recess for a label. Handles are rugged.

Each of these features is available on different sizes of the in-stock carrying cases.

These are listed on our main in-stock blow molded carrying cases page and include:

  • R – Rounded Corner Style
  • F – Full Double Wall Base
  • N – No Handle
  • OH – Outside Integral Handle
  • I – Inset Integral Handle
  • M – Metal Latches
  • M/P – Metal or Plastic Latches
  • T – Top Carry Handle

Semi-Custom Plastic Carrying Cases

The semi-custom carrying cases are designed with some custom options for the interior and exterior. These blow molded plastic carrying cases are used to display equipment or secure it during transport.

Interior Options

The options available for semi-custom cases include a molded lid and base interior, panel doors, literature pockets for the molded lid, and acrylic windows.

Exterior Options

Colors are available in a variety to choose from, the logo plate is customized for the customer, lettering is raised, the lid cavity plate is fully customizable, these cases can be stacked, the lid is able to be removed, and there is an integral handle.

Custom Carrying Cases

Custom carrying cases are designed and molded according to the dimensions requested by customers. These cases can be designed from a concept and manufactured into reality.

Western Case will work with you to create the ideal blow molded carrying case, whether you need in-stock cases or custom designed and manufactured cases.

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