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Blow Molded Plastics Products for Every Day

What Products are Created with Blow Molded Plastics?

Blow Molded Products Make Life Better What are blow molded plastics? Many of us have likely not often heard the term much less know what it means. However, without knowing it, we all use blow molded products every day in our life. Many of these products make our lives simpler and easier daily. Everything from Read More…

Blow Molded Tool Carrying Cases Quote

3 Kinds of Blow Molded Carrying Cases

At Western Case, we are proud to have one of the largest in-stock blow molded carrying cases in the industry. We have over 50 sizes to choose from and are able to get in stock cases shipped out to you immediately. They are: 1. Stock Cases 2. Semi-Custom Cases 3. Custom Cases  In-Stock Cases If Read More…

Blow Molded Plastic Traffic Safety Product Solutions

Blow Molded Plastic Solutions Provides Many Benefits

Statistics indicate nearly half the products manufactured in the United States and Europe are packaged in plastic. Moreover, ongoing interest increases the competition for packaging design in the marketplace. The convenience and attractiveness of plastic packaging and design is what sells products. Ideas on improving blow molded solutions for a given product are available with Read More…

Carrying Cases to Protect and Display Equipment Tip Sheet

Riverside, CA – Carrying cases serve three purposes for sensitive and valuable equipment. Hard cases protect, organize, and present equipment. Carrying cases are used in transporting equipment when traveling and at trade shows when equipment is on display. Western Case is one of the leading manufacturers of in-stock, semi-custom, and custom hard plastic carrying cases. Read More…

Extrusion Blow Molding Manufacturer of Quality Products

Blow Molding: How To Make Your Ideas Come To Life

What is Blow Molding Exactly? Blow molded products are products that are made of plastic. Blow mold manufacturers create these products by first making a mold of the design or shape. After crafting the design, a cast is made to hold the heated plastic material. Once the liquid plastic is poured into the cast or Read More…

How Does Plastic Blow Molding Work?

Plastic blow molding uses a variety of processes and one of them is called extrusion blow molding. It’s used to manufacture hollow plastic bottles and containers, cases, safety products, toys, automotive parts, and many more products you see every day. How Plastic Blow Molding Works Through the Extrusion Process The first step in creating a Read More…

Western Case Blow Molded Equipment Carrying Cases

Protect Equipment With Blow Molded Carrying Cases

Manufactured using top quality plastic, blow molded cases provides invincible product protection with the specification of a double walled carrying case design. Blow molded cases are lightweight, yet heavy duty, cases used to protect instruments gear, medical products, and sensitive equipment. Why Use Heavy Duty Blow Molded Cases? Blow molded cases are produced with a Read More…

Watering Cans with Extrusion Blow Molding Services

How Quality Products Through Extrusion Blow Molding Is Possible

Blow molded goods are all around us. From water bottles to carrying cases for power tools, blow molding is a fast, efficient, and affordable means to manufacture many of the things we use daily. Blow molding is a highly developed specialized production process by which plastic is molded and used to form hollow jugs, cans, Read More…

4 Industries That Need Custom Cases To Protect Equipment

4 Industries That Need Custom Cases To Protect Equipment

Customized cases have flexible and essential uses in several assorted businesses. They may be produced into many different sizes and used with custom foam inserts. Custom blow molded cases have been useful in transporting important equipment from one location to another. Government and Military There are several types of equipment that the army must safely Read More…

Western Case Shares Steps To Product Design For Custom Blow Molding

Riverside, CA – Western Case, custom plastic product manufacturers, has an in-house design department to create product designs for customers. Through their years of experience, Western Case has designed plastic products including coolers, toys, sporting goods, wheels, containers, chairs, automotive parts, and safety equipment. To manufacture high quality products, customers need to start with the Read More…

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