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Western Case Presents How To Select The Right Case For Equipment

Riverside, CA – Protecting equipment during travel preserves sensitive equipment from damage, as Western Case’s Tarek Badawi shares firsthand how blow molded carrying equipment cases and custom foam packaging protects equipment. The in-stock, semi-custom, and custom designed carrying cases can fit any kind of equipment just right to prevent damage. Western Case has three carrying Read More…

Advantages of Extrusion Over Injection Blow Molded Cases

When it comes to manufacturing processes, different materials are used to produce custom cases for expensive, sensitive equipment. One of the more popular methods of manufacturing strong cases is blow molding. Blow molding produces carrying cases for multiple everyday items. Laptop computer cases Power tools Guns Medical devices Camera lens cases The types of cases Read More…

Western Case Custom Foam Inserts Carrying Cases

How Custom Foam Inserts Protect Sensitive Equipment

  In today’s marketplace, purchasing photographic or electronic equipment is not only an expense, but it is an investment. You want to protect such an investment. When it comes to transporting your important equipment, one of the best ways is to use a soft, but firm polyurethane foam that’s inserted into a rigid plastic carrying Read More…

Western Case Hard Plastic Carrying Cases

2 Types of Custom Hard Plastic Rolling Carrying Cases

From rugged military formed custom plastic carrying cases to economical blow-molded plastic in-stock cases, Western Case offers a wide variety. They manufacture and distribute top of the line carrying cases and endeavor to produce the best custom foam products as well. In-Stock Plastic Carrying Cases Most case sizes we carry in-stock and are ready for Read More…

Blow Molded Carrying Cases for Equipment

Selecting the Right Case Style For Your Equipment

We provide a wide range of protective cases styles and sizes, together with custom foam inserts. While we specialize in blow molded carrying cases, we have a variety of other cases styles and types available for you to choose from. A few examples of the cases we offer include: Pelican If you’re looking to protect Read More…

Quality Blow Molding Manufacturing Production

Quality Assurance In Blow Molding Production

What Is Blow Molding? Blow molding is basically the way plastic containers are manufactured. The containers are usually hollow and used to hold soda, water and juice products as well as shampoo and liquid soap. There is a wide variety of containers that are blow molded. Other containers include medicine and supplement containers, as well Read More…

Western Case Blow Molding Production Best Practices

Best Practices in Blow Molding Production

It’s our mission here at Western Case to create simple, repeatable manufacturing processes for our blow molding production by finding and applying the best practices possible. A Blow Molding Production Company Based on Constant Improvement Western Case’s production systems are key to our foundation, based upon the ability to constantly improve. One way we have Read More…

Blow Molded Traffic Safety Cones and Products

What Products Are Made with Blow Molding?

If you’re looking for the finest manufacturer of blow molded products for automotive and industrial parts, look no further than Western Case. Their experienced and friendly staff has exceeded customer’s expectations and ensuring their satisfaction for over 38 years. Blow Molded Products Manufactured with Extrusion Molding Their automotive ducts are custom made and designed to Read More…

Blow Molded Plastics Products for Every Day

What Products are Created with Blow Molded Plastics?

Blow Molded Products Make Life Better What are blow molded plastics? Many of us have likely not often heard the term much less know what it means. However, without knowing it, we all use blow molded products every day in our life. Many of these products make our lives simpler and easier daily. Everything from Read More…

Blow Molded Tool Carrying Cases Quote

3 Kinds of Blow Molded Carrying Cases

At Western Case, we are proud to have one of the largest in-stock blow molded carrying cases in the industry. We have over 50 sizes to choose from and are able to get in stock cases shipped out to you immediately. They are: 1. Stock Cases 2. Semi-Custom Cases 3. Custom Cases  In-Stock Cases If Read More…

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