Benefits of Blow Molded Plastic Cases with Western Case

Over the years, plastics have become such an essential part of our life. At Western Case, we produce and offer different industries with high quality blow-molded plastic products.

Construction of Our Blow-Molded Plastics

Western Case has offered customers over 30 years of experience from design, mold making, to production and shipping. Our in-house Design & Engineering team provides support for your project to receive the best part design. We create high quality molds and, once approved, we run a prototype model to determine the right material, quality assurance and production.

Benefits of Blow-Molded Products with Western Case

Using the extrusion blow molding production method, we provide several advantages to our products that other methods can’t.

Here’s a few benefits of using extrusion blow molding for your project:

  • Blow molding turnaround time is quick
  • Production costs are reduced with the time saved
  • Our high-quality production results in cases that last
  • We offer many cases in stock for fast shipping
  • We run lines for global product production

The Designs of Blow-Molded Plastic Equipment Cases

We produce products on a large scale to meet our client’s needs. Also, we involve our clients in the concept and assist them in every step towards fulfillment.

Before the end-result of a custom blow-molded product, we also take part in tooling design and planning a complex mold. As a result, your plastic products bear the features that match your anticipated needs.